What has inspired you lately?

Let me tell you a story. I was on a job interview once when the VP of Products has noticed my cross-functional skill set, mentioning that I have worked with various businesses and on multiple projects. I replied with, “Unfortunately.” Then he asked, “Why do you say so?!” I said, “Because, sometimes, I feel I don’t have a career path. When people ask me about my profession, I find myself perplexed to answer.” Here’s where he highlighted something I never thought about it before. It was an unforgettable moment. He said, “Noha, your profile can help me with any project in hand. You can help me with Research. You can help me with promoting the product. You can help me identify the pain points and build use cases relatable to the audience – besides content.” It was the first time a manager utilizes my skills in a strategic manner. He saw my love for the fundamentals of things. He knew that I can give more than my job title entitles me to do. And most importantly, he made me believe him. He

Stay Assertive, Noha.

When you’re assertive, you’re not being stubborn or rebellious. You’re just trying to make sense of something that the entire universe has gone mad while trying to figure it out. Don’t be sorry that you’re finally YOU. #SelfReminder #MidnightReflections

My NASA Hubble Space Birthday 🥰

How the NASA Hubble Space Telescope looked at on my birthday!  🥰🥰🥰 #Hubble30

Midnight Reflections

I wholeheartedly believe in people. I fall for the kind ones, and I give my all to anyone in crisis. Some see me foolish, and some believe I should change. I do try to change, but eventually I keep going back to who I am. I keep forgetting to put myself first. Each morning is a real roller coaster. I have to remind myself to focus on the deeds, not the support. Solitude is my ultimate getaway. I try to simplify things as much as I can. I end up overwhelmed, though. I’ve grown to enjoy the slow pace of things. I fight... I fight to survive the daily pressures, the struggles, the wicked encounters. I think I’m doing a good job, yet no one seems to notice. “You have to say it out loud,” I tell myself. “You have to ask for it. You have to state it. You have to claim it. Or else, shut up and accept it for what it is!” All I can wish for, at the moment, is to never give up on feeling better and living a better life. Life is harsh; hope I can find the laughs and the patience to pull me thr

I Love Eyes

I 🧡 eyes. They utter words you can not speak. They tell stories, they show years of age. They hold secrets to one’s soul. They have it all. #TheMoonIsMyHome

القرار يعني مسئولية

كمية ‫‏البنات‬ اللى قلبها وعقلها فاضى من جوا تقهر القلب .. حلقة فى ودنك: تاج المرأة الحقيقى ‫‏عقلك وقلبك‬ .. مش جمالك وبس! إياكى حد يقنعك بغير كده .. إياكى تخلى بنى أدمين يفكروا بدالك .. إياكى تفرطى فى حقك إنك تتعلمى من غلطك وتكونى أحسن .. أنتِ ‫‏حُرة‬ .. و ‫‏الحرية‬ معناها ‫‏القرار‬ .. والقرار مش معناه نستمر في الخطأ .. القرار معناه ‫‏مسئولية‬ .. أمام الله قبل نفسك .. خافى ‫‏الله‬ وبس .. الله فوق كل شئ وأي حد .. اعرفي إن حقك تفرحى وحقك تزعلى .. حقك تحسى بمشاعر وحقك تستخدمى عقلك ويكون عندك بصيرة .. حقك تكونى جميلة بس حقك تكونى ‫‏ملكة‬ ويكون ‫‏الله وكيلك‬ .. كونى أنتِ زي ما أنتِ وبس ..

إعترافات ليلية

#إعترافات_ليلية بقيت حاسة إني بكذا شخصية وكذا حالة في الساعة الواحدة .. تغيير متقطع ومالوش ملامح .. مالوش ماسكة ولا تفسير واضح .. مابقتش عارفة أنا زعلانة ولا فرحانة .. كل اللي واثقة منه إني كارهة لسؤال "مالك" .. ماعنديش إجابة وماليش خُلق للتفكير فيها .. مش عايزة حد يسألني لأني غرقانة في الأسئلة وبسأل نفسي في اليوم الواحد كل ثانية تقريباً .. ليه برّيح اللي حواليّا على حساب نفسي؟ .. ليه مابقتش أحس بطعم حاجة؟ .. ليه محدش عنده استعداد يقبلني زي ما أنا؟ وليه محدش حتى بيحاول يقرّب مني وشايفين إني كئيبة؟ .. ليه الناس بقت مؤذية بالسهولة دي و امتى هبطل اتفاجأ؟ .. هو مش اللي بيصبر بينول؟ طب أنا امتى هرتاح؟ .. هي الدنيا مش هتبطل تعلّي عليّا؟! .. هو أنا لوحدي اللي كده؟!