Friday, December 14, 2018

2019 Wishes & Resolutions

To be treated with respect.
To be recognized.
To be loved.
To live and breathe peacefully.
To give in return.

2019, please be kind. ♥️


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Let them know you care

Sometimes you need to hear it. That you’re doing fine and that everything is going to be okay. That you’re a good person, or that you made someone happy today. It feels good to be appreciated. You know you need this. We all do.

If you think someone is doing something good, please let them know they’re worthy of your attention. We all have stories to be told, waiting for someone to sincerely listen. Let them know you care.

#SpreadGoodVibes ♥️

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

حِمل جبال

لسه مش مستوعبة إنك بين يدي رب العالمين ولا مستوعبة الحِمل اللي كنت شايله .. بس عرفت مين بيحبك بجد ومين كان مستني موتك .. يا رب تكون أنت كمان حاسس وعارف بكل حاجة دلوقتي .. هحكيلك يوم ما ربنا يجمعنا من جديد، ويا رب تسمعني المرة دي ..

Saturday, July 14, 2018

نهى الصغيرة .. كبرت

أبويا الله يرحمه كان فاكر إني ماعرفش حاجات كتير عنه .. كان دايماً شايفني نهى الصغيرة .. 

مكانش بيحب يسمع سني بقى كام أو يحس إني كبرت .. وكنت بتضايق ساعتها وأسأل نفسي ليه بيستصغرني مع إنه شافني وأنا بكبر قدامه و خلف بعدي أخواتي ..  

النهاردة بس فهمت ليه ..
فهمت إنه كان بيشوف شبابه وذكرياته الحلوة فيا .. كان نفسه أفضل صغيرة على طول وماكبرش عشان يفتكر مسيرة كفاحه و نجاحاته .. كان بيتفائل بأصغر الأشياء زي إنه يسمى منتج على اسمي أو يستنى اجري عليه و أبوسه أول ما يرجع من الشغل كل يوم ..

كنت فاكرة إنه أناني في حبه ليا .. طلعت أنا اللي أنانية!
أنا اللي ماقدّرتش لهفته و فرحته بوجودي في حياته ..

سامحني يابا إني ماقولتلكش إني بحبك وكنت بخاف عليك من نفسك .. ربنا يقدّرني وأنشر سيرتك الحلوة للناس كلها .. ربنا يغفر لي تقصيري وعدم تقديري لتعبك .. ربنا ينوّر قبرك ويرفع قدرك ..اللهم أمين

Thursday, February 8, 2018

You’re Unprofessional, They said.

Back in the days, someone once told me I’m unprofessional.

I took it hard, then, and I thought they were right; that it’s my bad. I should have tried harder, done a better job, went an extra mile to prove them wrong. Although, I already did all that, and more.

But later, life happened… I’ve been here and there. I’ve met new people, had more experiences, got my heart broken.. I simply grew up.

Ultimately, God proves you wrong. He shows you how you’ve belittled yourself, how you’ve forgotten it’s worth, that people can be wrong about you: you’ve done your all. He sends little packs of blessings; a prayer, a thank you note, a kind gesture from a trusted friend, etc., to push you forward and allow you to embrace life.

Trust these signs, and indulge them. Have faith that there’s a bigger world out there; larger than your mind, your prespectives, and beliefs.

Know that you always reap what you sow. It’s never too late. Good things will happen to you, only if you believe you deserve them and do your best.

These are not words of an NLP mimic.

I’ve lived, and breathed this. I’ve bled and had my share of sufferings and defeat. But as the band OneRepublic says, "I swear, I lived!"

#Self_Reminder #LessonLearned #CountingBlessings #PracticingGratitude