Monday, May 23, 2016

She Lives a Life of Value

"She always aspires to live a life of value. It's brutality hard sometimes, yet highly rewarding in the end. That's not a lesson she takes lightly. It's a lesson she'll never take for granted." ~ Noha Abdel-Tawab

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Creating a Community Group For Egyptian Writers

#EgyptianWritersCommunity is created for ‪Bilingual Egyptian Writers to communicate and build a strong network of friends based on mutual respect -- for the sole aim of networking, in addition to share their experiences, work tips, and any available job vacancies.

Let's ‪#‎PayItForward and help others find the best opportunities out there. If you're into any type of ‪#‎Writing or know someone who is interested to join our field, kindly share this group with them.

Share the love, Get acquainted with your fellow #EgyptianWriters. Help others and they'll help you! :)

** Group Specialties **
Creative Writing - ‎Content Writing - Copywriting‬ - Content Creation - Content Curation - Copy Editing - ‎Proofreading - Content Management - Ghost Writing - Academic Writing - Literary Writing - Script Writing - Technical Writing.

** Related Fields **
Social Media - Translation - Translation & Localization - Journalism - Online Media - Publishing - Marketing - Advertising - Public Relations - Business Development - Branding - Media Production - Filmmaking.

Facebook Group: 

Be Ready To Explode

"Usually the ones who keep it tight, are the ones who are on the edge, waiting to explode."

~ Noha Abdel-Tawab