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Give it a Thought

Image It's hard to utter any words anymore, specially what I feel inside .. Each day it becomes even harder for me to relate to the 'so called' normal people .. I find it very awkward .. In fact, I can't really feel comfortable around someone, unless he/she has a tragic issue going on .. It's pitiful, I know .. Yet, it's definitely undoable .. All my life I have reached for acceptance, for people to endure how I act, how I feel, how I speak, respond, interact .. But, I've never pretended to be something I'm not .. I've been proud of my painful experiences, my inner struggles, my overthinking, and my self-soothing manners .. Believe it or not, I really don't know where it comes from .. The energy igniting my heart .. But, I sincerely thank God for it everyday .. It's what kept me alive all these years .. It makes a brand new day bearable .. Without this fire, I would certainly die .. Which is how I feel 75% of the t


 I simply LOVE IT! .. All three together... The Book, The Movie, The Author! A story never felt so real or as realistic as this one .. I know a lot may find it a depressing issue, but if anyone didn't benefit from such a book, he/she is definitely a hypocrite! Then again, I don't want to be harsh .. Maybe, whoever doesn't relate to it, didn't have a real dilemma in his/her life, and we can only pray for that to be true .. The fact that Elizabeth Gilbert tackles the issue of our "Passion" in life, personally means a great deal to me, and I think to everyone whose really in need of a real change in his/her life. She simply answered our only constant question, "Why do we exist?" 1- We EAT : Recalling the sense of TASTE, we have to search for the QUALITY, not the QUANTITY. 2- We PRAY : Realizing that FAITH is what really revives us, and not " The Secret ." :D 3- We LOVE : Referring to the one and only feeling that manages to mainta

I'm a Dude!

Oh, Yeah! I walk like a dude, I talk like a dude, I act like a dude! I curse like a dude, I yell like a dude, I even drive like a dude! Suddenly, I wake up. I find myself in a girl's body. I check myself out like a dude, I dress like a dude, and I'm off to work like a dude. No make up is allowed, no tight clothes are allowed, no fancy colors are allowed. At the end of the day, I dream like a dude, my hair falls out like a dude, I even smell like a dude. Part of me longs for the dudette, prays for the dudette, wishes to dress like a dudette. Part of me has a hunger for being a dudette, barely acts like a dudette, has chills when uttering words like a dudette. Hardly anyone understands how much I need to stop being a dude, embrace being a dudette, and get to be treated like one. I love being a dude, don't get me wrong. But, I've had enough with the dude attitude. Let's give it up for the dudette in me for a while. Help me be me. Bring back the dude