Tuesday, October 4, 2011

هو أنا بكلم نفسي هنا؟

هو أنا بكلم نفسي هنا؟
 أُمّال ليه أنا حاسة بكده ؟؟

أنا ليه حاسة إن ماحدش سمعني؟؟ أنا ليه أيقنت إني مسجونة ؟؟
 ليه دايما عندي إحساس بالوحدة مع إن عندي صحاب كتير ؟؟
وليه دايما حاسة إن حقي مش موجود مع إني بأكل وبشرب ومصروفي موجود ؟؟

وليه حاسة إنى بتضيع مع إن عجلة الإنتاج ماشية والإستقرار مالي البلد لحد الملل ؟؟
وليه دايما خايفة إن المجلس العسكري يحكمنا بدل مبارك مع إنه دايما بيوعدنا بغير كده ؟؟
وليه مجلس الشعب متعملش في سبتمبر مع إن الثورة قامت في يناير ؟؟

وليه لسة بيتقال على الشباب شوية عيال وبلطجية مع إن اللي سرقوا و قتلوا بيتحاكموا ؟؟
وليه عيال زي أحمد سبايدر وكريم حسن لما يطلعوا يقولوا على الملأ إنهم بيضربوا في ناس مابيتشدوش وألتراس أهلاوي يتعمل عليهم كمين عشان يحرمهوا ينطقوا تاني ؟؟

وليه 6 ابريل يتقال عليهم خونة واللي خان البلد 30 سنة قاعد في مستشفى 100 نجوم ؟؟
وليه أول ناس إتحسن وضعهم في البلد هم الظباط وأهل الدويقة قعدوا بالشهور في الشارع من غير ما حد يعبرهم وفي الآخر اتفضوا بالقوة ؟؟؟

هو ليه دايما الشعب في ناحية واللي حاكم البلد من غير ما يختاره حد في ناحية تانية ؟؟

هو مش إحنا في بلد واحدة ولا إيه ؟؟

هو إحنا مش بنشرب نفس المية و بنأكل نفس الأكل و بنروح نفس الأماكن و عايشين في نفس الكرة الأرضية ولا إيه ؟؟؟

بالله عليهم حد يرد عليا .. يمكن أنا غلطانة .. مش مهم .. بس الأهم أرجع أحس من تاني إن حواليا ناسي وأهلي وعزوتي اللي خايفة عليَّا وحمياني من الأطماع و الغدر و الخيانة ...

إمضاء ..


.. N.O.H.A ..

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Waiting is Gold

What exactly are we waiting for? Is it Salvation? Is it Peace? Is it Harmony? Is it Love? Is it Marriage? Is it Kids? Is it Money? Is is Happiness? Is it paradise? ..
A lot of times I don't know the answers to these questions, on the other hand I'm okay with it ..

I tend to feel fine with the kind of life I'm living .. I tend to have peace with myself, even if people think otherwise .. I understand how they must feel .. They're just afraid of the things they know nothing about, specially when they actually care .. I agree I may seem confusing .. Surprisingly, they can't live my life, so they start urging me to change and live my life by their own rules ..

However, I'm okay .. I'm Waiting ... :)

Waiting isn't always a dreadful thing to feel .. Waiting isn't always demeaning or forsaken ..
Waiting sometimes can be your only solution .. It may become your only road-to-cross for a better future ..

Waiting, if it comes along with Patience, usually succeed to keep me right on track .. It helps me to survive, to appreciate life and go that extra mile everyone waits for ..

Call me crazy, as I recently fell in love with Hope .. Hardships do  not always bring you down, they can quickly pull you back up and make you stronger than you've ever known ..

Suppression isn't always the key to become better, in other words to FEEL better ..
I've been there... I've known what it's like to prevent yourself from the things you love, the things you desperately long for, and the things that make you safe .. just to feel whole again ..

If you tried waking up in the morning and going through your life journey, believe me you may find it fine after all .. Just tell yourself, you're gonna get what you want, you're gonna achieve what you've always dreamed of .. Just remind yourself of the treasures you have never taken a look at .. I'm sure you'll find a good thing or two that you love about yourself ..

Have a conversation with yourself every now and then .. Don't feel shy about it .. It does actually work!
Everything matters, don't ever undermine what you feel inside, don't ever think you're worthless .. That would only let you become more brutal, more cruel, more offensive to everyone else ..

And yes, you do not live alone :) .. Whether you like it or not, you'll have to deal with someone somewhere some day ...

I guess what I'm trying to say is ... Keep it simple, light, and full of flavor .. It's YOUR life we're talking about here .. It deserves some care, some appreciation, some joy to help you endure, affect, and enjoy ..

Try to be graceful with yourself .. indulge it, pamper it, and caress it every once in a while ..
You'll be blown away by the rewards if you let everything be reveled on its own ...

.. N.O.H.A ..

*Inspired by Take That's "I'd Wait For Life."