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Doodles: Your Friendly Subconscious

Each and every one of us tends to know the interpretations of a dream, after having a beautiful vision or an awful nightmare. Only then, we long to understand the hidden meanings behind them and a lot of these interpretations help us to dig into our inner selves, looking for more answers. Of course, there are professionals for this kind of job and there are several scholars who explored this field, such as “ Ibn Serin ” the Islamic scientist who elaborated that our dreams have meanings and that they can tell us more facts about our lives. Not only dreams can be interpreted, but also one’s own drawings or scribbles. It is not officially used by Psychologists, but it is, indeed, very descriptive as it can add more information to their analysis. So, basically exploring your personality or analyzing one’s absent-minded scribbles is known as drawing "Doodles." “Doodles are expressions of the subconscious mind.” This quote sums up the idea of doodling which is the process t