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You've Got the Love!

It's never too late to start living. It's never too late to be recognizable, to feel alive, or to embrace life. You deserve to be treated with respect, for you have rights for a better future. Believe that you can achieve beyond your imagination. Never belittle yourself. Never think you're less than anyone else. Never underestimate your intuition. Become your own best friend to have the will of overcoming, conquering, and defeating your own demons.  According to Psychologists, "Personality" is defined as a combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual. Consequently, these patterns develop your character, as they shape your lifecycle. Govern them, you'll blossom; abuse them, you'll breathe heavily. Everyone of us has his/her mechanism, which is regularly affected by various inputs, and this is how we're evolved into the people we are today. To be able to peacefully get along with yourself, refle

Why Is My Life So Bad?

Do you ever wonder about that? Has this question haunted you for as long as you lived? Does it usually occur to you that your lifestyle is crappier than anyone you know? If yes, then what did you really do about it?! Did you ever consider figuring out what's going on? I understand how cranky you must feel, and I know it's not anyone's duty to understand the way you do, nor try to picture it for you. But, why don't you give it a try?! I'm sure there is someone somewhere who cares to help. How about we make a deal?! Let's review this together. I'll invite you to live my life for a day, and I'll try yours. What will you do if I asked to experience the timeline you've been living for years? How would  you feel about that? Give it a thought, how will we live our different routines if we decided to swap lives? How will the day turn out to be for us? I bet we'll see it differently, maybe act upon it with a whole other dimension that we never t