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A Note To Thyself

I've came across this note today, which I've written on the 18th of October, 2005, precisely in the mid of Ramadan, 1427. What shocks me is that I totally feel the same nowadays. It's like the clock keeps turning and turning, leading me to the same exact situation. Sub7an Allah, it's a bliss; I wish it never leaves me. Some may not like that I'm posting this as they may think I'm bragging about it. On the contrary, I'm just trying to remind myself of my place, recessing/reviving/igniting my senses once again. It's my own way of showing how we could be fragile before God, and it's okay. It's not a weakness, nor a disgrace; it's a gracious blessing and an eternal wish that never dies along the years. We shouldn't be afraid to show how small we are sometimes. We have to remind ourselves every now and then that we're not alone in this world who suffer, and pain will never go away. Hopefully, we embrace it to start living again, to enjoy