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.. To Hell and Back ..

Just when you feel like the world is all fine and sound, you wake up to such an awful fact that it is not .. Just when you pull yourself together and start living normally once again, you get hit by a strike .. You know what really irritates her? .. She keeps fighting and fighting everyday for that glimpse of light that she might see .. and I repeat MIGHT see .. She perfectly knows that everyone has his/her own problems to fix, but she keeps wondering... when will it ever be her turn? It always comes to her senses, why can't she just vanish from the face of the earth and never come again .. if she's just nothing but pain to all who surround her, then why the hell did they decide to let her exist .. Is it so hard to understand that you give birth to someone to actually let him experience living?! Does it really hurt to realize that you're dying sooner or later? Is it really possible that someone could be that mean and stubborn? Then again, viciousness has always

يا قاعدين يكفيكم شر الجايين .. أو بمعنى أصح السايقين

أكيد بتسألوا نفسكم بعمل إيه هنا وانا يا عيني عليّاَ بنية غلبانة لا ليّاَ في الميكانيكا ولا عندي علم بالأحياء حتى ! الموضوع من الآخر كده انى هاكتب عن حاجات شفتها ومش عجباني اطلاقاً .. أنا مين عشان أكتب عنها مش مهم .. بس الأهم إني بقى ليَّا صوت وهيجلجل ان شاء الله !! .. أنا أكتب إذًا أنا موجود !! نستفتح ونقول صبَح صبَح يا عم الحاج على رأي عمنا بوحة !! أول حاجة لازم تعرفوها إن مش قصدى حد بعينه .. بس هموت واقول بأعلى صوتي .. يا جدعان ارحمونا !! تاني حاجة إني أكيد مش ملاك بس عندي يقين إن ممكن بفكرة صغيرة نتغير ونبقى أحسن بكتير .. مش هطول عليكم بقى .. هبتدي في أول حوار .. أكيد الناس اللي حبَه تجوَز عيالها بتبقى فرحانة فرح الفيل وأكيد لازم يزفَوهم .. بس اللي مش طبيعي بقى إنهم يوقفوا الشارع بحاله عشان مجرد عايزين يزفَوا العرسان ! .. مقدارين يا جدعان إنكم عايزين تفرحوا وتقولوا للبشر كلها إن الليلة ليلتكم .. بس بالعقل الله يخليكم .. يعني مش فوق الكوبري ومش في وسط البلد مثلا .. ويا ريييت مش في صلاح سالم لإن الشارع ده بيتلكك الصراحة !!! سواء راجع منه ولا رايح في حتة على طول واقف ! يا إما

What if HOUSE was real?

What if H O U S E was real? Character analysis in relation to a real personality in life Have you ever wondered why a fiction character has to be like it is? Did you ever imagine yourself in his/her shoes? Is there a time when you related to a movie and felt like it’s your own life they’re telling? The answer is simple. It is, indeed, your life! These motion pictures are exactly what you are. With a little bit of imagination, everything comes alive. It all begins when a writer decides to write a story. One way or another, he/she chooses real people and real incidents to complete the sequence of his conception. When he/she comes up with a theme, they arrange the perfect plot to go with the exact setting… etc. But, that’s not what we’re going to talk about here. This is an actual attempt of what some people may call, ‘Self-digging.’ The purpose of this section is to make you more witty, smart, cautious, considerate, and wise. Who said exploring into people’s characteristics

.. A Statement of a Deaf Guy ..

To actually visualize something that you love is one of the most pleasant things in life. People always mentioned this to me and I believe it's true .. Seeing a beautiful woman arouses the butterfly feelings and gives you a sensible picture of your perfect lover .. Smelling the breeze of a pouring rain gives you a chili sense of revival .. Touching a newly born baby allows you to know the reason behind being sweet and innocent .. Tasting a freshly cooked breakfast provides the urge of energetic sensations .. But, hearing is the only thing that's confusing to a deaf person, especially when he's never been able to do it .. The word "sound" is never uttered not even spelled .. In fact, all of these words doesn't make sense and it's ok .. You can always feel bad to lose something that you already had .. But, what if you've never known what it's like to shout, to spell the words of love or to even hear the voice of your own mom .. It's simply no

تنفيس - round 2 !

الواحد قلبه تعبان .. قلبه عيان .. قلبه عايش على حاجة ونفسه بيها يبان .. وفيها إيه ولما يكون غلبان .. هو يعني الواحد مننا لازم يبقى قاسي عشان يعيش ؟؟ ما ينفعش يحلم ويسهر ويتمنى حاجة بيحبها من زمان ؟ كل يوم بيصحى على أمل جديد .. على يوم ما يكونش فيه قلبه وحيد .. ويرجع يفوق على جرح قديم .. ويلاقي .. قال إيه! جرح من تاني أكيد .. بس الغريب إنه مهما يموت .. يرجع ويبتدي من تاني .. يقع وبعد الواقعة يتعلم .. إنه في يوم لازم يبقى عبيد .. عبيد لربه مش لأي حاجة تانية في الطريق .. يمكن في يوم قلبه مايكونش تعبان .. ويمكن اللي بيحلم بيه يلاقيه قدام عينيه ومش مجرد أمل بعيـــــــــــد .. N.O.H.A ..