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I Can Breathe :)

I can breathe ... For the first time in my life, I act upon what I feel and need .. For the first time in my life, I dream, I choose, and I conquer! I dreamt of a better life, and now I'm living it.. I chose not to settle for the least, and now I'm having it.. I conquered the fears I've had all the past years, and now I'm enjoying it.. I've always known this day would come.. I'm always felt free, but trapped inside, not knowing where to go.. The fog is finally lifted.. I can breathe ... My soul has never felt so alive before.. To know how to live your life is really great; but to actually live it is something else.. No one can ever take this right away from you.. No one should even be close to that thought.. I can breathe ... For the first time, I actually forgive.. Genuinely, truly, deeply, sincerely, forgive.. Forgive anything that has shifted my mood or anyone who has invaded my territory.. And, from the bottom of my life, I thank them