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.. Breaking Through ..

I know I've been assigned to write a problem and its solution per day .. But, I just couldn't .. It's been a very weird week for me .. For the first time in years, I simply find myself LOST! .. Couple of problems came in handy and the feeling of meaningless has announced its presence .. So, I decided that this should be my theme .. I should write about my lack of words .. I should simply declare and face the fact that i lack the ability to write for quite some time now .. I can never develop the will, nor the determination of coming up with an intriguing idea that gives me the chills every time I read it .. But then, aren't I writing in that exact moment?! .. Aren't I trying to break free?! .. Aren't I a fighter or what?! .. Hell YEAH, I am!! .. Although it has been months since I held a pencil and wrote anything with my bare hands, but here I am again .. I still have it within me .. I can still breathe ladies and gentlemen .. Yeah, that's right .. I breat

Doodles: Your Friendly Subconscious

Each and every one of us tends to know the interpretations of a dream, after having a beautiful vision or an awful nightmare. Only then, we long to understand the hidden meanings behind them and a lot of these interpretations help us to dig into our inner selves, looking for more answers. Of course, there are professionals for this kind of job and there are several scholars who explored this field, such as “ Ibn Serin ” the Islamic scientist who elaborated that our dreams have meanings and that they can tell us more facts about our lives. Not only dreams can be interpreted, but also one’s own drawings or scribbles. It is not officially used by Psychologists, but it is, indeed, very descriptive as it can add more information to their analysis. So, basically exploring your personality or analyzing one’s absent-minded scribbles is known as drawing "Doodles." “Doodles are expressions of the subconscious mind.” This quote sums up the idea of doodling which is the process t

No title .. Just talking ..

I really wanna write, but unfortunately I'm not that fortunate in my topic this time .. All I really feel is that I wanna cry out loud .. I feel so heavy with thoughts and sadness, although I'm beginning to get a hold on myself.. But, that's really where my fear usually lies .. The moment I find myself able and strong again, it's exactly when I get hit by a disaster that shreds me into pieces .. I can't sleep, although I'm really tired and sleepy.. How I long for company, for a real relationship ... even if it's a friendship .. I really miss having real friends and meeting up with new people everyday .. Although, I like being by myself more these days, but I do miss life .. I miss meeting up for breakfast or even having long conversations in a public place .. I miss having my friends coming over all the time .. I used to have lots of gatherings at my place .. I've grown to love the girly meetings I held every once and a while .. Those gatherings were my

A Conversation with My Birthday

Knock knock .. Who's there? .. It's your birthday .. Oh, you .. What's up? Don't you want me anymore? .. No, of course I do. It's just that I need you to lay low for a while .. And why so? .. I'm just not ready for you yet .. But, you're never in control of me you know. You can never tell me to pause .. I perfectly know that, but I was hoping for some pity .. That's so strange. Then why don't you want me around? .. I never said I didn't want you around, I was just hoping that you could give me a chance .. A chance for what? .. A chance to live, a chance to love, a chance to succeed, a chance to feel, a chance to be someone .. And who said you're not already living, loving, succeeding or feeling??!! You are already someone, you just gotta find it .. And what about the Contradictions and the Confusions I constantly have? .. They're never gonna end and you gotta deal with them. You see, you&#

".. I .."

I can't seem to focus. I can't seem to get a reasonable sleep. I can't seem to have a stable relationship… and the list goes on. I don't know why I love writing when I have this mood. I don't know why I have so many dark ideas lately. I don't know why I'm still hanging on things that aren't right for me. I don't know where I'm headed. I don't know if it will ever change. I don't know the time when I will ever have a normal life like everyone else. But, I know this; I know I'm fun to be with. I know I'm kind and caring. I know I deserve to be treated like a proper lady. I know I love laughter. I know I love being loved. I know I love to give. I know I'm trustworthy. I know that I can turn your world upside down. I know I'm effective. I know I'm crazy and spontaneous. I know I'm moody and righteous. I know I love stories. I know I'm wise and helpful. I know I love Allah (swt). I know I don't trust someone th

Saba7o De7k !!

kal 3ada kolena beygelna friend requests we kal 3ada we ignore them :D bas el request da galy men wa7ed kont shaka akoon 3arfah 3shan esmo general awi .. fa el ragel katar khearo y3ny ba3d ma 3amal el request b3atelo msg we as2alo ay khedma y3ny .. me7tag 7aga meni .. y3ny mel akher 7adretak te3rafni???!!!! we da el radd eli galy :D:D hasebko ento b2a to7komo 3al msg .. yemken ana feya 7aga ghalat :D:D aw 7ata i read msgs bel sha2loob wala 7aga :D:D we ya reat b2a law 7ad eshtaghal el wad we kalemo .. aho te3mlo feya ma3roof we tesedo khanet fodooli :D:D hehehe [i m asking if u r married , u r so prety in hejab mashallah i v just arrived from belgium after i was Emam Alhmdulelah in leuven islamic center also i v appartment in Maadi. just want to offer if its possible cup of ciffee in cilantro first and then its up to you for saying yes or no , jazak allah khair 0111074830] .. N.O.H.A ..

Bosso b2a !!

samo 3leako keda !! talbaha m3aya tahyees we bema en mafeesh 7ad sa7y fe haza el waqt men al layl fa ha hayes m3a nafsy we khalas b2a !!! bas sa7ee7 .. hahayes 2a2ool eih we law 2olt ya tara 7ad hyed7ak aslan aw 7ata hayehtam ye3raf mawdoo3 el tahyees kan 3ala eih ??!! .. hmmmm ... heaaaaaaaaaaaaaah doniaaaaaaa !!! ... nefsy 2ala2y 7aga 7elwa keda a3melha .. be ma3na asa7 y3ny nefsy ashtghal shoghlana wana 7asa eni MESH arfana men nafsy wala nefsy anta7er :D:D howa akeed akeed ma7adesh 3agbo 7alo we akeeeeeeeeeeeed m7adesh 3agbo shoghlanto .. bas 3ala el 2a2al ya3nak adreen yesta7melooha .. om hend !! 3ayza a3mel ay 7aga leeha lazma fel 7ayah ya ged3an we 3agbany :D:D ghelet ana y3ny lama ekhtart keda ??!! .. maho asl law ana adra asta7mel el routine kont esta7melt men zaman .. bas eli howa maba2darsh a3mel 7aga wa7da heya heya kol yoom we khalas 3ala keda .. maba3rafsh wen3ma !! hmmmmmmm.... tab khalas bena2es el mawdoo3 da 3shan byek2eb el wa7ed mada el 7ayaaaaaah !! nekhosh 3ala el