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Never say Never!

Never say Never! Bree Van de Kamp’s breakthrough recipe Being red-headed can be a symbol of venom and lust; people may judge you as the devil who wears Prada. However, it can mean that you’re the most elegant and determined woman anyone would dream of meeting someday. Continuing our monthly expedition of character maneuvers, let’s introduce you to a very rich, yet irritating character ladies and gentlemen. This month she’s a woman who has eternal devotion to the people who surround her. She’s never given up on a single goal in her life. Her passion to identity draws her furthermore to glory and endless commitment. She has a passion for morality and always respects a person with high standards in life. Nevertheless, she highly appreciates her friends in Wisteria Lane and can never be happier that she’s living in Fairview, the most ideal part of Eagle State. A lot of people get provoked around her as she tends to be a perfectionist, but who cares?! As long as she’s the one who’s in contr