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The Perks Of Live And Let Live

I aspire to inspire myself before others every moment of every day to make it count. I don't settle for less than what my heart and mind desires. I won't admit to the perceptions you lay upon me whenever we talk unless you have a reasonable point, in which case I'll agree. I won't allow you to transform me into an another identical version of you. I will.. live as I wish.. do my best to stay kind.. breathe the air God grants me.. choose a path and know its consequences.. expect you to be responsible.. I don't need you to.. dictate me.. control me.. govern me.. suppress me.. discourage me.. I want you to.. support me.. motivate me.. help me get through life.. give me space to evolve.. love and accept me for who I am.. Only then, I'll consider having you in my life. ^_^ #ThePerksOfLiveAndLetLive #SelfReminder ~ Noha Abdel-Tawab