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Confessions Of A Writer

The funny thing is.. I do miss writing. Miss the thrill of it, Not the "writing for a living" attempts. Not the ugly, commercial side of it. Not the stress that comes along.And yes, it's turning into one of my fears that I know I have to face sooner or later. I'll lose it for good if I don't do something about it soon, if I don't fight its urge of dragging me down to a loop of silence & blocks. Writers live in constant battles with themselves and others to stay sane. Yes, it's beautifully damaging in a way. Yes, sometimes we lose ourselves in the process of creating something unique. The ugly truth is.. it's worth it every time! It's like drugs, but more indulging & engaging. Will I write like before? That, I don't know. What I know is, it'll stay part of who I am even if I forgot about it for a while, and I hope it stays special. It may come knocking on my doors someday. #ConfessionsOfaWriter

2017 First Thoughts

I appreciate one’s support more than anything in this life. I cherish the moment they take out of their schedule to tell me everything is going to be alright. I know I can be overwhelming or demanding, but I also know that I deserve to be cared for. I deserve a chance. I may lack the tolerance to accept what’s not done right sometimes, but I usually push myself to find a solution. I’ve always been myself’s worst enemy, but in my heart I hope for a better tomorrow & work on that! I’m just saying all this to deliver one message: I’m only human, and I hope one day I learn to be enough (for myself before anyone else). I’m writing this as a #Self_Reminder. To read it one day & say, I made it. Hopefully, I will in shaa Allah. :)