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Love Sick

She tends to drown in your eyes just by hearing your voice .. She loves hearing your heart beeping for her and only her .. She misses you everywhere she goes .. She sees you in every little thing she does .. Forgive her if she's love sick .. Forgive her if she may seem demanding .. Forgive her if she's too sensitive to handle .. She loves you and pleads for your kindness .. Everyday is a brand new day for her, only if she hears your voice .. Each morning she wakes up with a smile just because you're by her side .. And when the night comes, your arms is all she's got .. Try a little tenderness ...  .. N.O.H.A .. *Inspired by Adele's Lovesong :)

Book Review: Shaymaa El-Gammal's "Ta2 Marbouta"

Image Cute! That's the first thing that came to my mind when I grabbed Shaymaa El Gammal's "Ta2 Marbouta." Its design gave me an impression that the book is certainly a fun, different ride; small and colorful, yet very enjoyable to read. It's very rare that I find Arabic books with appealing illustrations that goes along the readings as well. So, here's what I thought about the book after reading it cover to cover. Shaymaa managed to gather some of her personal life experiences, day-dreaming revelations, along with few interesting resolutions; reciting bits and pieces of what she believes in. It is quite shown that she gave her all and poured what she had in her heart to be able to write the chapters of this book. This book is her first experience in the world of publishing, however she's been writing for years now as a journalist in several magazines. Every girl will definitely relate to a chapter or two. The boo