Love Sick

She tends to drown in your eyes just by hearing your voice .. She loves hearing your heart beeping for her and only her .. She misses you everywhere she goes .. She sees you in every little thing she does ..

Forgive her if she's love sick .. Forgive her if she may seem demanding .. Forgive her if she's too sensitive to handle .. She loves you and pleads for your kindness ..

Everyday is a brand new day for her, only if she hears your voice .. Each morning she wakes up with a smile just because you're by her side .. And when the night comes, your arms is all she's got ..

Try a little tenderness ...

 .. N.O.H.A ..

*Inspired by Adele's Lovesong :)


  1. Not just Adele is my Fav. Artiste but u also my Fav. Writer .... It's amazing what u write very touching :)

  2. ya Noonie .. Can't thank you enough walahi :))))))))))
    You're the sweetest ever .. I'm very delighted you enjoy it :)


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