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Allow Amy Purdy To Pull You Back Up If You're Down!

"If you ask me today, would I ever wanna change my situation? I would have to say; NO! Because my legs haven't disabled me. If anything, they're enabled me. They forced me to rely on my imagination and to believe in the possibilities." Amy Purdy has such perseverance that I've never seen before in my entire life. I'm sure she spent her days wondering about living in a world full of challenges and wishing to disappear from the face of the earth, but she simply didn't. Not only she fought her way up after her accident, but also she managed to break a stereotyped norm of thinking. Amy didn't give in to negativity for a second, leaving us -normal, healthy human beings- in a shameful state of mind after knowing how she managed to pull herself together from scratch to pursue her Snow Boarding passion; becoming the highest-ranked adapted female Snow Boarder in the world! What an amazing idea to start her talk, inviting us to imagine our lives as books

Book Review: "Ibn Al-Gama'a" or "Son of the MB"

I have to congratulate myself for reading this book cover to cover. I didn't back off; I was determined to finish it once and for all. I knew it may take me quite some time to wrap it up, but I was delighted I was able to do so. Despite my personal insights on some elements in this novel, I couldn't help but wonder about its ending. You'll find a lot of my inputs in this review. "Ibn Al Gama'a" is a novel written by a new Egyptian writer named, Ahmed Hossam Al-Din. It's obvious that's it's his first trial, however the plot is quite interesting to read. Indeed, its title is catchy, especially due to our current events in Egypt; how the Muslim Brotherhood are active and highly engaged in our political scene at the moment. Narrating his own life story about how he was brought up among the MB community, Mustafa Mustafa Mahmoud Al-Taba'ei, the main character, starts by stating few detailed facts about his family and his home town, Al-Monofeyah. Mo