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.. Longing for Hope ..

I really feel like writing, but I don't have things to say .. Can't figure out the theme of this one .. Things are going pretty fast these days .. Life is a real roller coaster .. Everybody are jammed and extremely down .. All of us have their own problems .. It’s really weird how ppl turn out to be different than what you expect .. How could u think so high of a person and he turns out to be that reckless and mindless .. how can a person neglect you when your showing how weak you are and asking for their help ?? .. Sub7an ALLAH .. I dun like bragging, but elhamdullah I've barely turned someone down in my entire life .. I've never felt that someone would really need me and I leave him/her like this .. However, I feel sick or in a blue, I never say: yes I could help when I really wouldn't do that .. What happened to honesty ppl ??!! Why can't a person just say sorry, I can't help you right now .. It's really ok when you do that .. And how come pp