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No title .. Just talking ..

I really wanna write, but unfortunately I'm not that fortunate in my topic this time .. All I really feel is that I wanna cry out loud .. I feel so heavy with thoughts and sadness, although I'm beginning to get a hold on myself.. But, that's really where my fear usually lies .. The moment I find myself able and strong again, it's exactly when I get hit by a disaster that shreds me into pieces .. I can't sleep, although I'm really tired and sleepy.. How I long for company, for a real relationship ... even if it's a friendship .. I really miss having real friends and meeting up with new people everyday .. Although, I like being by myself more these days, but I do miss life .. I miss meeting up for breakfast or even having long conversations in a public place .. I miss having my friends coming over all the time .. I used to have lots of gatherings at my place .. I've grown to love the girly meetings I held every once and a while .. Those gatherings were my