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Simply Mekky...

Simply Mekky…

It takes a lot of courage to be different in our country, but it takes real men to actually shine! Although all of us watch his movies, only few who really know much about Ahmed Mekky. He is not just an actor; he is a scriptwriter, a director, a producer, and a rapper as well. Having such a charisma that forces its presence among people gives you a definite assurance that he is not just a regular guy. It was a privilege to have an amazing chit chat with Mekky. He introduced us to his visionary plans and dreams, so let’s see what he had in stores for us.

MM: The first question we have got to ask you, Is ‘Ahmed Mekky’ your real name?
A.M: Indeed, let me tell you about my origin as well. My father is a descendant of a 4,000 years old Bedouin tribe called, “Bani Helal.” Some of them went to Upper Egypt, while others, including my father, traveled to Algeria. They were famous of speaking classical Arabic and glorifying poetry. Then, we went to Emirates in the 80’s when it was still a desert, and there were couple of Americans who started working there as well. I had the chance to be acquainted with them at their house parties and Hip/Hop was on the rise. Also, I used to sit with my father and his friends, reciting poetry in a manner that pretty much resembles the freestyle battles of Hip/Hop. Thus, I personally believe that the original Rap genre descends from an Arabic origin and the rhythmic beats come from Africa.

MM: So, you think that when Africans were brought to America, they introduced Hip/Hop.

A.M: Exactly! America took Africans as their slaves, so Afros started to express their agonies and anger through some beats that made them feel free. By then, the genre was presented and this is how I want to present my album. I am not going to blindly imitate Americans by wearing blings for example. No, I want to bring back the true spirit of Rap by showing our own Arabic identity. Even when I played the role of ‘H. Dabbour,’ I insisted that he wears a ‘Gallabeya’ when he began to blend in the Egyptian society for instance. There has to be an Egyptian icon in what I represent.

MM: Accordingly, what do you think of this saying: “You can take a guy out of Egypt, but you can’t take Egypt out of a guy?”
A.M: Well, I have my own opinion; be yourself and be local, then you’ll turn into an international artist. By the way, I won several awards from festivals held in Argentina and Italy in writing/directing short movies, like “El Hassa Al Saba’a” (the original 7 minutes short movie) and “Yabany Asly,” just because they were too local. Americans are not usually moved by action movies, but they are more into personal struggles or psychological dilemmas. Our local character is what drives them crazy and make them more interested in what we present.

MM: Then, what do you wish to do for this character to be exposed?
A.M: I need to show a clearer vision of this character because it is not observable enough. If I locally focused on any project, ultimately it will shine internationally. If I started to sound like R & B singers with their thick voices and rough attitude, then it would be totally off incompatible.

MM: Tell us more about your album; will it enclose the usual Egyptian music beats?
A.M: It will combine a bit of everything as long as it has a twisted flavor. I usually use four beats, like the song “Dawwar Be Nafsak” from the movie “Teer Enta.” It began with a hardcore start, heading to an Eminem-like chorus with an eastern touch, and so on. I have to have my own impact on the stuff I produce; that’s how I learned from my greatest influence “2 Pac.” I do write my own songs, but I do not mind working with others as well.

MM: When you first wanted to introduce this type of genre to Egyptians, weren’t you afraid they might not get it?
A.M: Of course, it was possible. However, I believe I understand the Egyptian people and the Egyptian culture to a good extent due to my numerous experiences. I started working at the age of 11 as a dove breeder, and also tried other fields, like boxing, caricature drawing, video editing… etc. All of these experiences helped me in understanding what people want and prefer. Not to mention, I have always been passionate about rapping and I’m very much determined to do something I love even if it didn’t succeed. This is what keeps me motivated.

MM: Previously, you mentioned how it is important to produce something with an Egyptian spirit, but in “Teer Enta” you used the theme of “Bedazzled.” Would you explain why you did that?
A.M: Well, it had a different concept, but the idea is the same and I have mentioned this in the movie. It is all about how you see an idea; we usually think of the same ideas, but with different angles and dimensions. If you are going to take an idea and apply it exactly as it is, then you are simply a robber and you should change your career. However, if you used the same idea, but applied a different point of view, then you deserve an applause. And by the way, the idea of “Bedazzled” was taken from the original production in 1967 and it had the same name. I love watching old school movies, where real drama was portrayed, before using excessive graphics and computerized programs. These movies teach you a lot because they have depth and sense of purpose, and this is exactly what I did in my movie. The ending was totally different and the characters were real Egyptian individuals.

MM: We agree that the characters were genuine. Would you tell us how do you develop them?
A.M: There is an acting school course called, Physical Action, which teaches you how to gather the tiny details of each character. I have gained some analytical skills myself along the years, which help me a lot. So, I observe people and add my own character lines as well.

MM: For those who do not know the real Ahmed Mekky, what would you like them to know?
A.M: I hate the era we are living in nowadays. I always dream of being in this age, but living during the 60’s or the 70’s. I really hate technology. I cannot seem to go around, carrying a mobile in my hands; I usually forget it even exists. Although I have a great social life, but you will find that most of my close friends are really old. I also enjoy camping and barbeques; I am in love with nature. I believe the greatest pleasure in life is women and the most obsessive interest for me is music. I am a music fanatic; I enjoy listening to all types of melodies. It is all about simplicity to me.

MM: What is your ideal portrait of a woman?
A.M: To me, a woman should be intellectual and feminine at the same time. If you recall women at the 60’s for example, you’ll notice how they were amazingly elegant and smart as well; it’s not all about the looks. You have to ask yourself; if she had the charms, Will be able to communicate with her or just neglect her existence later on? And this goes out to both genders; If you’re really into someone, you’ll enjoy their conversations.

MM: What is the biggest misconception you’ve heard about yourself?
A.M: Most people think I am a boogie man, who’s only into parties. But, what they do not know is that I’m a man of principles; that’s why I admire Mel Gibson’s personality for example. His movie “Braveheart” is what made me love this career. One day, I thought to myself, “I’ve got to make a movie like this one!” I would love to leave a legacy behind me. If I ever had kids, I’d want them to feel proud. In addition, I am not a hypocrite and I only work with the ideology I believe in and stand for.

MM: Finally, what do you think of feminists? Do you believe in equality between men and women?
A.M: Total crap! Nevertheless, this does not mean that men are better than women. Let me break it down for you. If we are exactly the same, then both of us should go swimming with one piece. Seriously though, if a women thinks she’s equal to a man, then she wouldn’t need him in the first place. In other words, both genders find strength in each other’s weaknesses. There would be no essence to life if we were both the same in everything. Also, women are passionate by nature. If they are really into someone, they would totally agree to do all the choirs they hate in an extremely sensual manner. Only those who are really in love would relish the scent of their men. I totally agree with a saying that mentions how, “Real women recognize real men, and vice versa.” I am the type of person who adores successful, independent women; it is such a thrill to be loved by them. It is a shame how men, nowadays, find this quality demeaning. Encouraging women to empower themselves is a huge cause. They don’t recognize a man by his physical appearance, nor his riches; women crave for men with real characters. At the end, this is what should really matter for both of them.

Major magazine
June/July 2010

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NeoByrd: The Habit-Breaker

NeoByrd: The Habit-Breaker

In times like these, when industrial music conquers the world, artists like NeoByrd obviously shine amongst millions of singers and musical vagabonds. Starting off his first professional step in his musical career two years ago, Wael Alaa decided to show the world what he has got to offer. We had a chance to interview him, and that’s how it went.

“In Egypt, people are familiar with all types of music, especially Rock. However, the Electronica genre is the one genre that has grabbed my full attention since my childhood,” Wael explains to Major magazine. He is the type of musician who draws the attention of not only people who enjoy music through an emotional perception, but also the intellectual ones who appreciate an artistic phenomenon when it declares its presence. Wael Alaa is a self-taught keyboardist and producer, who formed an Electronica project called “NeoByrd” in 2009. Influenced by artists, like Depeche Mode and Michael Jackson, he is determined to present an innovative style of music that Egypt has not been familiar with, ever before.

MM: Let’s start off by asking, How old are you and what do you study?
Wael: I’m 23 years old and I’m still attending the Faculty of Mass Communication, MTI University.

MM: When did your interest in music develop?

Wael: I started playing the piano when I was 12 years old. And, like most guys my age, I enjoyed jamming with some friends of mind by forming Rock bands. Also, I started to produce some pieces of music on my own at the age of 14, and my first Techno track was featured on Pulse Radio in England. However, I did not take a professional step at that time; I was still trying to gain some experience first.

MM: So, did you keep working on your own?

Wael: Well, no. Around 2004, and through my way up to college, I signed off few tracks with a German label and another English one. Then, I stopped for a while.

MM: Why did you do that?
Wael: I wanted to form a band on my own. In 2005, I started thinking of creating this NeoByrd project, hoping to find someone as passionate about it as I am. I experienced some difficulties because most Egyptians are into Rock and that wasn’t the concept I had in mind at that time. However, I went on with my preparations and here I am.

MM: What do you mean by “NeoByrd”?
Wael: “Neo” means classic and “Byrd” is a symbol of fantasy, which explains the state of fantasia that I am trying to express through my music.

MM: And why did you choose the Electronic genre of music?
Wael: I find myself in this genre. I feel so comfortable, wearing my mask and performing live on stage. I wanted to be different and have my own identity. Electronica is what I love; it’s how I express myself.

MM: Now, tell us about that please. Why do you choose to appear with this persona and choosing not to remove it?
Wael: The point is that Egyptians still did not accept the Electronica genre due to the huge influence of the Rock era we have been living in for decades. So, I couldn’t present such a different element without a sense of entertainment. I just wanted to be an exceptional performer and grasp their attentions by any artistic means. I have a worldwide target, yet my Egyptian identity is very important for this project to spread.

MM: Who are your influences?
Wael: Michael Jackson is my main and ultimate influence of all time, then comes The Rolling Stones, Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Doors, The Beatles, Air, Daft Punk, Prodigy, and The Chemical Brothers.

MM: What about our Egyptian culture or music, did they have any influence on you?
Wael: They definitively did, but I was very much into the idea of producing music by a machine. I have grown to like electronic instruments more than any other musical devices. I personally think that the Electronica genre basically depends on your intellectual skills. It’s very hard to invent or create a different mood by utilizing it, when you are not relying on your emotional side, like other genres.

MM: We’ve noticed that the ones who listen to your music are not precisely into dancing, however they seem to enjoy it. Is this a part of your objective?
Wael: Indeed! My show is all about being artistic more than just playing music. I’m a performer and I use some enhancements, like my mask and my Vocoder, to present my own concept. What I perform is not industrial, that’s why I receive lots of adverse feedback. Some people may appreciate art and some may not; it is really unpredictable and I do not let any negative opinion pull me down. On the other hand, it really helps when people start questioning what I do; it gives them something to remember me with. Also, I’m inspired by a guy called Jeffrey Daniel, who used to choreograph Michael Jackson’s dance routines. I use some of his dancing tricks to boost my show.

MM: Would you tell us more about the Vocoder? Also, why did you choose to use it?
Wael: The Vocoder is an electronic instrument that analyses someone’s speech, generating it into specific musical sounds. It is hard to use, that’s why it’s not so popular among musicians. Michael Jackson used it couple of times in his music, though. I love using it as my vocal because it is very mind-provocative. It produces an e-sound, which completes the illustration I want to present.

MM: Why do you use the mask of Optimus Prime?
Wael: I was doing a basic research through the internet and came across this mask. I instantly loved his neutral facial expression; plus, I’m already a big fan of “Transformers.”

MM: We have noticed that most of your YouTube videos are full of animation, Could you explain why?

Wael: Well, I’m very much inspired by animation movies because it portraits the same state of fantasy I try to display. I believe that creation and creativity are obtained by living in an imaginative world. As being an artist, I should invent; I should not produce something recognizable to everyone.

MM: Finally, tell us about your upcoming album and its release date.

Wael: “Falling Away” will be released within two months. It will include 10 tracks, introducing a variety of genres; Electronica, Trip Hop, Break Beat, Disco House, Funk… etc. Also, I would like to mention that I’m the one who composes my entire tracks and write my own lyrics.

Major magazine
June/July 2010

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Evolution of Kersh

Evolution of Kersh

Along the past decade, a new evolution has become an indefinite trend. A new rule has declared its presence and set our minds to a looping mode. Meanwhile, people tend to aimlessly walk around with no care in the world, accepting the fact that such occurrence has happened and it’s okay! But, let me break it down for you; ANY ‘Kersh’ of any size or shape is NOT – by any means – acceptable!

Oh yes, it’s the ugly truth, and indeed it’s a scientific fact that most guys manage to have a cheesy belly. But, allow me to present my indefinite obligation when I tell you this; I can NOT endure such trend, nor I will ALLOW myself to sympathize with your situation. I’m not the kind of girl who encourages judgmental perspectives, but for this one I really don’t care what anyone would present as an excuse. I truly believe that it is turning into some kind of a sociological movement, more than just a bad eating habit. It’s like everyone agreed to accept it, in other words forced it to others’ minds. Our nation have embraced the idea and used their own defense mechanism to justify what no one is accepting. They even started calling ‘El Kersh’ all sorts of nicknames, like ‘Kersho’ or ‘Abou Karim’ to express how wealthy and generous men may be. But, what they refuse to realize is that it’s the greatest turn OFF – anyone can encounter – of all time!

Girls have it too and that’s a fact! But, let us focus on the philosophy more than who has it and who doesn’t. Whenever I talk to anyone about this issue, I hear nothing but “It’s normal.” No, sir… I SINCERELY OBJECT! Enough with the lame excuses, already! I should not accept laziness, I should not give in to junk food, and most importantly I shouldn’t abandon the healthy lifestyle just because people may think of me as a ‘Farfoura or Akly Akl Khass!’ And by the way, I’m not a supporter of diets either. I honestly think they’re a waste of energy, money, and the vital vitamins of your body are totally drained out of you. No one is telling you not to eat, but be reasonable for God’s sake; pay a visit to your nearest gym every once in a while. If you do not have time to do this, try taking care of what you consume the ENTIRE time. Note that you are just pushing anger away by stuffing things that you do not need in your mouth. You will be surprised to know that your mental state is the main cause for such trauma, which – in such case – girls may need stabbing for the total catastrophe they put themselves into.

Take a moment to think about it and picture those youngsters who walk around in our country nowadays. Don’t mind the old ones, just focus on the ages of 20 to 30 years old. These are the ones who lost their phase of ‘Teen Fat’ and are not quite married yet either (so that you don’t give them the marriage excuse). Right on my friends, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! Girls wander around with their (not actually) skinny jeans and over-popping tops, while guys are proud to show their hippo hips, dressed up in purple and fuchsia t-shirts. I know some of you may sound like, “What’s wrong with fuchsia now?! It’s fashionable!” I’m not against the color for sure, in fact I love it! It’s just that, what most people do not know, those colors were specially chosen for those gay people living abroad; it was specifically designed to dress them up with unique trends. Then again, people blindly choose to act like a herd and refuse to live like a copycat. Anyways, that is not our issue here. What I’m trying to draw your attention to is that this age range is not supposed to look like this. It’s the most active, most reviving age range of your entire life. Let me give you an example. One of the defenses I’ve heard from boys, is that “El Kersh” has been there for ages; men has been freely walking around with it without any complaints. I think what he’s trying to say is that a man is not known of his manhood, but of the size of his belly! Now, that is the REAL defense he was unconsciously trying to hold back on me! And when I objected by telling him that a long time ago no one had this issue, he boldly rejected my opinion. Yet, what he could not encounter that I was talking about his age and not the elder ones.

Ladies and gentelemen… No, I will not apologize for my words, nor I’ll guide you to what should be done to conclude this piece. For the very first time, I will refuse to present a solution because simply I will not sit around and tell you what you can and can not do. You are perfectly aware of your situation and how your body does look like. You need neither me, nor anyone else, to appoint you to the path you are heading to. If you do not choose to stand up for yourself, if you keep inventing all sorts of excuses, and if you refuse to take my opinion into consideration, I really do not care. Shocking as it is, you know deep down inside of you that I AM right. Indeed, I may sound aggressive; then again, whenever someone points out some fitness tips, you choose to ignore them. Unless you want the change for the better yourself, no one is ever going to amend that!

Major magazine
June 2010

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Officially Bipolar!

Officially Bipolar!

Recently, many people have been feeling sad, hopeless, or depressed whether they have problems or not. I’m sure they’re all wondering why, but no one seems to know the answer. However, I do! *wickedly looking with an evil grin*

Some people may feel like crap, almost everyday, and are acquainted with an intense feeling of numbness. They sink into a state of unconsciousness, daydreaming and wondering how the hell they recently became so negative. Suddenly, they may realize that ‘Anathema’ has become their Godfathers and find it hard to breathe. You hear them uttering words, like ‘darkness, emptiness, helplessness, frustration…etc,’ while all they seek is the ‘THRILL.’ And, when any dire incident comes up, they can swear they’re about to set fire to anything they see. Yet, what’s weirder is that their happy occasions are the wildest ever! Lads and gals, we’d like to introduce you to… “The Bipolar Disorder.”

Wait a minute! I’m not saying that this is a serious illness at all. I’m just trying to draw your attention to the fact that sadness can sometimes occur and you do not have any business to do with it. Due to the total chaos in our lives, we could be having a Bipolar disorder without even knowing it. You see, psychologists identify this illness as a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in a person’s mood, energy, and ability to function. It’s different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through. Even, some studies suggest that it is related to a hormonal deficiency. The symptoms of a Bipolar Disorder are severe. It’s mainly about the difficulty to concentrate, remember, or take decisions. Plus, thoughts of death or suicide attempts usually linger in one’s mind, while acting with a provocative and aggressive behavior most of the time. Moreover, a person will know it is getting serious when he starts experiencing common psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations, delusions, or thoughts of oppression, denying that anything is wrong. In a simpler way, people can call it, ‘Hearing Voices.’ Also, afflicting chronic insomnia, talking very fast, having rapidly racing thoughts, jumping from one idea to another, and having an excessively high euphoric mood are the most noticeable aspects of Bipolar disordered individuals.

But hold on, don’t freak out on me now! Whether you’re interested to recognize if you have such illness or not, there are good news. Bipolar Disorder can be treated and people who are truly diagnosed with this illness can lead full, dynamic lives. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to die if you have it; it’s just an element of knowing who you are. Self-awareness helps you to functionally process well and be productive, creating an interesting perspective to your life. In fact, several scientists relate being Bipolar to creativity. Actually, you’ll be surprised to know how many famous figures have such illness, yet they’re capable of leading an extraordinary life. Let’s review the list of the most common icons I managed to assemble for you here; Mel Gibson (Actor and Director), Kurt Cobain (Lead singer of Nirvana), Ozzy Osbourne (Singer), Axl Rose (Lead singer of Guns ‘N Roses), Ben Moody (former Guitarist of Evanescence), Robbie Williams (Singer and former member of Take That), Robert Downey Jr. (Actor), Winston Churchill (British Politician), Vincent Van Gogh (Artist), Johann Goethe (German Writer and Polymath), Edgar Allan Poe (Poet and Literary Critic), Tim Burton (Producer and Director), Theodore Roosevelt (American President), Jim Carey (Actor), Ben Stiller (Actor), Russell Brand (Actor)… and many more.

However, if you ever felt like the whole world is blacking out the entire time, go see a shrink; a therapist who would really help you out with steps and everything. And if you can’t afford one, then try analyzing your actions. At least you’ll be able to fully understand what’s wrong with you, switching off your devilish side for the time being. I’m not saying that all people, who are sad, typically have this illness, but I’m definitely sure that quite sum of us struggle with those feelings of excessive heartbeats and – especially for girls – a great deal of hair loss! To sum things up, Bipolar Disorder, mainly, causes dramatic mood swings, experiencing ruthless changes in energy and behavior. The periods of highs and lows are very normal and are defined in levels; whether in a depressive or a manic manner. And finally, feel free to pass this article on to your gothic fellas, only if you feel that it has any useful info of any kind! *Again, I’m showing off my evil grin*

*Most of the scientific data are extracted from the Bipolar Disorder reference of the National Institute of Mental Health in USA.

Major magazine
June 2010

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rise Up & Say NO!

Rise Up & Say NO!

Each day we wake up with a purpose. We pray for the best to come and work our socks off to achieve what we’ve always wanted. Yet, several occurrences come into our way, guiding us to take decisions that we never thought of living in someday. We’ve all been through this throughout our entire lives, despite the year plans, goal settings, or any sort of oriented achievements. However, the only problem we all have in common is the urge of “Saying NO!” When we grow older, we tend to neglect the things we like; we even forget ourselves most of the time. We become incredibly blinded by the nerve-wrecking responsibilities, forgetting they were our choice in the first place. Please don’t take this personally; try to picture your life through the past years and give it a name. Try to define it, or even try to describe it. Now, think of what you’ve encountered for a moment and ask yourself; Is that what you really wanted?!

I know it’s pretty hard to change the life you’re living. In fact, if it were always easy, you would not have earned it. That’s a definite law in life; you got to bleed to get feed. It’s when you fall and pick up what you’ve lost. It’s when you try to win something over and over again. It’s simply when you fight for something you are passionate about, more than just doing what you do best. Then again, there are plenty of obstacles out there; I don’t deny that fact. What I’m truly against is how you give up on it, and it’s not just me who dislikes such a stand of abandonment. We all long for such honor and respect, yet only few of us who does that. But to get a hold on what I mean, let us review some of the situations that require that infinite ‘NO’ I’m talking about.

Say No to Frustration
Do not let anyone fool you down whatsoever. If someone dislikes what you do, he/she will do nothing but frustrate you. Frustration is quite a disease in this country, unfortunately. The only reason behind delivering such energy is pure and endless jealousy. Yes, my friends! A frustrator do not wish you success or is willing to present a good critique, however all he does is pulling you under his roof. Although, it just happens unconsciously most of the time. Frustrators tend to see the bad side of the story. It’s sad, I know, but true. So, what should you do with such a crusader? I say, the only solution is ultimate neglection. If someone is smart enough to deliver a message, then embrace it gracefully. Otherwise, just pull your muddy ear all out!

Say No to Negativity
Well… well… well… We’ve got a dilemma here, who hasn’t! Usually, if you’re spending too much time in your dark sides, you have to take care of that monster. Negativity is something that simply attacks you any time, anywhere! It’s the tiny little voices that grow into your head and start sucking the life out of you. It’s whenever you start thinking good about yourself, then you find a huge wall that stands out all the bad traits that you have in you. It’s when you say to yourself, “Let’s do this,” but then you start crashing down, down, down. The only way to conquer such monster is by determination. The only way you’ll get through this, is by knowing you can defeat it. The moment you feel the curve is low, start motivating yourself. Think of all the accomplishments you’ve made; not only the big ones, the tiny ones as well. Believe in the power of positivity and how God is always kind. You have to be certain that nothing stays the same. Just remember, “This too, shall pass!”

Say No to a Typical Norm of Life
I have this term that I usually use for a person who chooses the easy way of life. I call him an “Afandi,” and please don’t laugh because I’m honestly not trying to pull a joke here. Would you think about it for a second? What does this term mean to you? A guy/gal who lives a daily routine of repetitive actions that occur with eating, sleeping, and watching TV. He/she grows up, gets married, have kids, pay bills, goes to Gamasa or Marina (depends on which class you belong to, yay!) for the summer, and that’s it! He/she neither has a vision in life, nor dreams of having one. They kill their souls by boredom, loneliness, laziness, routine…etc. however, to cure such illness is not that hard. By applying few steps, this person can quickly change in days. Just allow him/her to meet up with new friends, read an interesting book, join a good cause, and they’ll completely change in no time. Believe it or not, deep inside, they crave for someone to pull them out of such typical phase; they long for having something meaningful in their lives. They dream of being highly influential and sophisticated. And if you’re the one who seeks change, then do us all a favor and start interviewing yourself every now and then. You’ll be surprised of how much information you’ll know about YOU!

Say No to Showing Off
For god’s sake people, please don’t underestimate anyone! Arrogance is one pitiful aspect that people can feel sometimes when they’re good at something. I admit, someone can develop this trait unconsciously. But, please grow out of it very quickly. Just remember you’ve been in others’ shoes once in your life. There were times when you needed a boost, a hand, an opportunity; anything, you name it! A person doesn’t live long by how much he/she has; it’s by how many good deeds they’ve made and given to those who surround him. Be humble, and remember that we all live under one sky and walk on to get buried under the same mud, the same earth. Know that a person will love you for who you are no matter what. It’s not the materialistic gears that count, it’s what the one who provides them and endlessly works to get them in the first place. This person is a decision-maker, just the same as you are. I know we’re not equal in many things, but you will NEVER know who is in the highest rank! Bear in mind, it’s not your call to decide that. And if you sincerely think about it, you’ll get assured that this person is one of your life’s greatest encounters that God has sent you. People are just gifts sent from above; consider this thought and act on it.

Say No to Mind Manipulation
A famous example for such factor, and I guess we all know that already, is our national TV. I think this would give you a clear hint of what I’m trying to present here. Do you know when someone tries to convince you of something that you’re not? Did it ever occur to you that you’ve recently resigned because of someone who led you into thinking you’ve done a terrible job? Have you experienced a bad day with your child at a toys store? These, my friends, are nothing but different situations that utterly happen because of one reason: ‘Manipulation.’ It’s when your mother talks you into buying her new shoes (that’s for a good benefit, though!). It’s when your colleague fakes his/her illness, in order for you to step up and be the good guy/gal. It’s when your child keeps crying for hours, just for the sake of not completing a school homework. Manipulating one’s mind is the sickest, most intelligent work of art that mankind has encountered for centuries. Do not give in to the dazzling shops at the malls or the advertisements that sell you things you don’t need. Just remind yourselves or what’s important. I don’t care if you write it down on every wall in your entire house, keep repeating it everyday, or write a song about it for a replay; you MUST indefinitely ‘Say NO’ to this one! Stick to this principle, and please try to develop your own opinions. Think everything you receive thoroughly, and finally pray for the best to come because it’s almost the Devil wearing Prada most of the time!

I know many of you find it so hard to ‘Say No,’ but you have got to think it through. No life exists without hardships. In fact, you will only become lifeless, helpless, and aimless. Only the ones who are determined make it through, and only the ones who hugely succeed, speak of nothing but faith in your determination. Do not force yourself into accepting things you’re not willing to maintain. Explore yourself, get to know it very well, only then you’ll be able to survive the constant battles of wills. We’re all better than how we usually lead our lives; we’re the ones who should spread the essence of birth, not the opposite!

June 2010
euphoria magazine

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