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Simply Mekky...

Simply Mekky… It takes a lot of courage to be different in our country, but it takes real men to actually shine! Although all of us watch his movies, only few who really know much about Ahmed Mekky. He is not just an actor; he is a scriptwriter, a director, a producer, and a rapper as well. Having such a charisma that forces its presence among people gives you a definite assurance that he is not just a regular guy. It was a privilege to have an amazing chit chat with Mekky. He introduced us to his visionary plans and dreams, so let’s see what he had in stores for us. MM: The first question we have got to ask you, Is ‘Ahmed Mekky’ your real name? A.M: Indeed, let me tell you about my origin as well. My father is a descendant of a 4,000 years old Bedouin tribe called, “Bani Helal.” Some of them went to Upper Egypt, while others, including my father, traveled to Algeria. They were famous of speaking classical Arabic and glorifying poetry. Then, we went to Emirates in the 80’

NeoByrd: The Habit-Breaker

NeoByrd: The Habit-Breaker In times like these, when industrial music conquers the world, artists like NeoByrd obviously shine amongst millions of singers and musical vagabonds. Starting off his first professional step in his musical career two years ago, Wael Alaa decided to show the world what he has got to offer. We had a chance to interview him, and that’s how it went. “In Egypt, people are familiar with all types of music, especially Rock. However, the Electronica genre is the one genre that has grabbed my full attention since my childhood,” Wael explains to Major magazine. He is the type of musician who draws the attention of not only people who enjoy music through an emotional perception, but also the intellectual ones who appreciate an artistic phenomenon when it declares its presence. Wael Alaa is a self-taught keyboardist and producer, who formed an Electronica project called “NeoByrd” in 2009. Influenced by artists, like Depeche Mode and Michael Jackson, he is determined

Evolution of Kersh

Evolution of Kersh Along the past decade, a new evolution has become an indefinite trend. A new rule has declared its presence and set our minds to a looping mode. Meanwhile, people tend to aimlessly walk around with no care in the world, accepting the fact that such occurrence has happened and it’s okay! But, let me break it down for you; ANY ‘Kersh’ of any size or shape is NOT – by any means – acceptable! Oh yes, it’s the ugly truth, and indeed it’s a scientific fact that most guys manage to have a cheesy belly. But, allow me to present my indefinite obligation when I tell you this; I can NOT endure such trend, nor I will ALLOW myself to sympathize with your situation. I’m not the kind of girl who encourages judgmental perspectives, but for this one I really don’t care what anyone would present as an excuse. I truly believe that it is turning into some kind of a sociological movement, more than just a bad eating habit. It’s like everyone agreed to accept it, in other words forc

Officially Bipolar!

Officially Bipolar! Recently, many people have been feeling sad, hopeless, or depressed whether they have problems or not. I’m sure they’re all wondering why, but no one seems to know the answer. However, I do! *wickedly looking with an evil grin* Some people may feel like crap, almost everyday, and are acquainted with an intense feeling of numbness. They sink into a state of unconsciousness, daydreaming and wondering how the hell they recently became so negative. Suddenly, they may realize that ‘Anathema’ has become their Godfathers and find it hard to breathe. You hear them uttering words, like ‘darkness, emptiness, helplessness, frustration…etc,’ while all they seek is the ‘THRILL.’ And, when any dire incident comes up, they can swear they’re about to set fire to anything they see. Yet, what’s weirder is that their happy occasions are the wildest ever! Lads and gals, we’d like to introduce you to… “The Bipolar Disorder.” Wait a minute! I’m not saying that this is a seri

Rise Up & Say NO!

Rise Up & Say NO! Each day we wake up with a purpose. We pray for the best to come and work our socks off to achieve what we’ve always wanted. Yet, several occurrences come into our way, guiding us to take decisions that we never thought of living in someday. We’ve all been through this throughout our entire lives, despite the year plans, goal settings, or any sort of oriented achievements. However, the only problem we all have in common is the urge of “Saying NO!” When we grow older, we tend to neglect the things we like; we even forget ourselves most of the time. We become incredibly blinded by the nerve-wrecking responsibilities, forgetting they were our choice in the first place. Please don’t take this personally; try to picture your life through the past years and give it a name. Try to define it, or even try to describe it. Now, think of what you’ve encountered for a moment and ask yourself; Is that what you really wanted?! I know it’s pretty hard to change the life y