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" جنينة الأسماك" is awesome ppl .. Check what I think !!

Once I saw the Ad of "جنينة الأسماك" , I made up my mind to watch it .. I felt like it's extremely close to me .. To all of us actually .. I knew that some people wouldn't understand the movie, but when I actually watched it and saw people's reaction, I became sure of the fact that most people won't get what the movie is really saying .. Are people really that dumb or I'm the psycho one ?? Lolz .. I guess I only have one answer to that .. Some people tend to neglect the fact that they have brains and they should use it and some refuse to use it in the first place .. But the most likely answer would be is that I understood the movie cuz I somehow have few analytical abilities and I also studied literature, so I'm familiar with some techniques of the movie .. The movie is totally simple I swear .. The director simply used some classical techniques that people aren't familiar with .. Try to think of the poster for example!! .. He only used Black &

Applausing for " V for Vendetta "

Last night i watched a movie called "V for Vendetta" which was released in 2005 .. it was really amazing .. i didn't watch such an intellect movie since a long time .. the way "V" talks, the way he utters the words, the way he moves with confidence, the way he's fearless and strong .. Wish i was that strong and alert .. I don't know what i like about his mask .. It's really breath-taking .. every detail and the way it keeps smiling makes you feel so relaxed .. and his costume .. this black elegant suit that has a silky touch .. and the red rose .. how the colors contrast and how it's comfortable to your eyes .. the theme is so straight forward too .. it's totally realistic .. the words come out of his mouth and sounds like poetry .. the script is awesome !! what i admired the most is how he taught the heroine not to have fear anymore .. she totally lost it .. and how he met her at the first time and that speech .. OMG that speech !!!!!! .. m

Knock Knock! Who's there ?! (a)

Once again the purchasing process has began .. The groom freak show announced its presence .. This time with a very funny approach .. a Geekly person :D:D I've never seen a nerd before .. I've only watched them through movies .. Don't get me wrong .. But there is really something geeky about the guy :D I've also seen the movie E.T before, but didn't see it LIVE !! :D:D I really wonder why is it REALLY that hard to find your life partner .. I'm pretty sure i'm not hating the guy .. and I'm totally sure that I don't ask for too much :) .. The funny thing is .. I was totally funny about it lolz .. I really wanted to laugh out loud by his acts .. For a minute I felt like i'm having conversation with a live Alien :D God forgive me, I'm really not trying to moke the guy or anything .. I'm just clarifying that there's no bridge that he can even CLIMB [ not only walk ] to reach me :) I'm not either saying that i'm not a different pers


Howa ezay fe nas keda ?? .. Ezay fe wa7ed ader ye3mel keda fe welado? Tab law makansh 3ayezhom bygebhom leah ?? 3omry ma ha2dar afhamo .. 3omry ma ha2dar astaw3eb bye3melo eih 3shan ye3mel feehom keda ?? .. mesh adra afta7 bo2y we a3tared .. we mesh adra 2a2ool 7aga ghear en hya di 3eshet-hom we 3omr ma 7ad hye2dar yefham homa 3aysheen ezay .. Ezaher en howa da 7al el donia fe kol 7aga .. el kowayes hyefdal yakhod foo2 demagho .. mahma 7awlo yenso we ye3eesho .. hyefdalo tool 3omrohom ma7boseen .. ta3baneen .. We lel asaf mesh hyerta7o ghear lama yeb2a mesh mawgood khales … Te3rafo aktar 7aga me2asara feehom eih ?? .. enohom 3omrohom ma 3amlooh be mo3amla we7sha .. we 3omrohom ma 7awlo ye3eesho 3eesha mesh 3eshet-hom .. kol eli byetlobooh meno el 7eneya .. el 7eneya eli howa kan ghar2an feeha tool 3omro .. Ya rab … ya rab mesh hye2daro yetlobo menak ghear el nagah .. nefsohom yeghamado 3eneahom we yefata7o 3shan 7ayah Tania we donia Tania … Sub7an ALLAH .. el ghadab momken yeseebak wen

خواطري ..

الأخلاق أم الإنفلات ؟ المبادئ أم العبودية للأفكار ؟ العزيمة أم الضياع ؟ بماذا علي أن اعيش لكى أصبح ناجحة و كلى إرادة ؟ كيف استطيع أن أصمد أمام المشاكل التى لا تنتهى ؟ و لما تحولت إلى تلك الطفلة الضعيفة الإنهزامية مدى الحياة ؟ ... كيف يمكننى أن أتحمل و أنسى و أعيش فى نفس الوقت ؟ لما هذا النسيان الفظيع الذى يتملكنى عندما أضعف ؟ و لما أطلق العنان ليأسى و سلبيتى ؟ و لما علي أن اشكك فى كل شئ حولى و لا أتمكن من العثور على أشياء بسيطة تعيننى على الحياة ؟ لما اترك نفسى للغيبوبة العمياء ؟ و لما أعيش فى تناقض مستمر بحيث يرهق حواسى و عقلى دائماً ؟ ... .. N.O.H.A ..