Applausing for " V for Vendetta "

Last night i watched a movie called "V for Vendetta" which was released in 2005 .. it was really amazing .. i didn't watch such an intellect movie since a long time .. the way "V" talks, the way he utters the words, the way he moves with confidence, the way he's fearless and strong .. Wish i was that strong and alert ..

I don't know what i like about his mask .. It's really breath-taking .. every detail and the way it keeps smiling makes you feel so relaxed .. and his costume .. this black elegant suit that has a silky touch .. and the red rose .. how the colors contrast and how it's comfortable to your eyes ..

the theme is so straight forward too .. it's totally realistic .. the words come out of his mouth and sounds like poetry .. the script is awesome !!
what i admired the most is how he taught the heroine not to have fear anymore .. she totally lost it .. and how he met her at the first time and that speech .. OMG that speech !!!!!! .. magical words .. magical ppl !!!

the story is a bit heroic like spiderman and batman .. etc., but it has a totally different prespective .. a political intellectual one .. you'll feel like your mind is being fed something true, something original and daring !!

I also have several points where i disagree with them, but still they dazzle you with the rest of the movie and its dialogue ..
the point from the movie is that people should have a voice .. they should speak out loud .. they should breath through their minds not only their nose or mouth !!! ... people should learn to preserve their rights and maintain it .. people shouldn't steal choices and dreams from anyone .. people should plan for themselves, decide for themselves, think for themselves and indeed breath for themselves .. Fear mustn't be a part of your life .. Fear mustn't lead you to your destiny ...
Simply, do your best to be original & righteous when it comes to your own rights and not only others' .... Freedom Forever :) .. not only physically, but also mentally ...
.. N.O.H.A ..


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