Friday, April 23, 2010

A Diamond Treasure - a Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Emma. Throughout her entire 17 years of age, she has proudly looked up to her mom. She has been brought up, knowing how wonderful and kind this woman is. She’s the one who lightens up her day each morning, yet Emma manages to upset her every now and then. She doesn’t appreciate her much, neglecting her at times and acting childish. In spite that fact, her mom manages to forgive her and Emma always wondered how that is possible.

One day, Emma was drawn to her room, hearing sounds of a golden treasure sparkling their way down from her bedroom ceiling. Resting herself on her bed, she couldn’t figure out where it’s coming from because of its grand density and countless figures. Just when the glittery sounds stopped, she found the most beautiful piece of diamond necklace she has ever seen right on her lap. She couldn’t believe it for a moment; It was the exact piece of jewelry that her mom had. What’s the first thing any girl would do when she sees such piece in her hands? Except, Emma wasn’t an ordinary girl that you might come across. Suddenly, she felt an aching urge, squeezing her heart. She thought to herself, “That diamond necklace isn’t mine to keep. It belongs to my mom!” At that exact moment, an ancient shahrazad-like fair y appeared right before her eyes. Emma looked so frightened at first, but something about that fairy made her feel soothed and comfortable. The fairy uttered no words, approaching to lift the necklace off of Emma’s lap and wrapping it up into a big box of treasures that she had within her hands. But then, the fairy gave the entire box to Emma. Surprisingly, she gladly accepted the box with a warm embrace.

Suddenly, Emma realized she was dreaming. She opened her eyes and found her mom calmly laying by her side. She smiled at her mom, cherishing the feeling of security that she has always given her. Never pleases her more than knowing that her mom is always there for her. It has hit her; Emma realized what her dream was about. The fairy was a message of enlightenment, reminding her of how precious and beautiful her mom really is. The sparkling treasure was her gift of birth and the gorgeous diamond necklace, that made everything complete, was her mom. The necklace was the queen of a castle that’s filled with harmony, prosperity, and hospitality. Only a mom does that, only a mom gives unconditional love without any rational reason. Emma was amazingly grateful of the reminder. It’s definitely a treasure worth-nurturing. She can never ask for more than this ultimate treasure.

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. is that yr own right or its taken from a novel ?

  2. No, it's not taken from a novel ..

    It's my own writing :)

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