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Need to be Healed ..

Another year has came.. We're in Ramadan now .. This month always has a special timing and I always feel different every year .. This time I feel so vulnerable, I don't know why .. I feel so fragile when I pray or say a prayer.. I thank ALLAH (swt) for that .. I really do cuz it makes my heart more sensitive and more aware of what I'm receiving or sending .. there's not much to tell about my life these days except that I'm trying to put things back together again .. The only thing I'm experiencing nowadays is Confusion.. a weird confusion I've never known it before .. I've been always the kind of person who decides quickly.. however, I'm not decisive these days .. i can't figure out what do i want exactly with my life .. i know i want lots of things at the same time, but i don't know what to begin first or what exactly is my priority.. all i really know is that i need to pour out the frustration I have within me .. I'm so full of it ..