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The Fog is Finally Lifting

Is the block finally coming to an end? I hope so .. I'm starting to feel some of the thoughts growing in my brain again .. They're like seeds sent from heaven .. Don't know where they come from .. My only solution is to stay calm .. Whenever I start recalling the past events, I panic; my brain takes a hold on me, sometimes totally freezes! Could it be because of the incidents that happened in my life recently? I really don't know .. Hopefully, this free writing practice will help me release the evil thoughts I have .. It may liberate me once again from my dark side .. Every writer has one, that's for sure .. I usually advice myself to fight back, but for this block I totally went with the flow .. I know it's almost a year since I've written a decent article or post, however I managed to keep up as much as I could .. You see... for me it's always about the idea... The quality, not the quantity! I can't help but wait for the right moment of i

إديني ودنك يا مواطن

ممكن معلش طلب صغير؟ كفاية كلام .. آه والله كفاية كلام .. التلفزيون مابيبطلش كلام .. الناس مابتبطلش كلام .. الراديو مابيبطلش كلام .. والأهل طبعا مابيتواصوش :) دول الناس اللي ماينفعش تقولهم بطلوا كلام .. مش عشان عيب مثلا لا سمح الله .. لأ عشان مفيش فايدة مش هيبطلوا أصلا :) المهم .. أنا قصدي كفاية لإيه طيب؟ كفاية هلس .. آه والله كفاية هلس .. بمعنى أصح كفاية تُفشر وإنت مش عارف .. كل من هبّ ودبّ دلوقتي يطلع على التلفزيون يقول أي كلام ملوش أي تلاتين لازمة يعملوا بيهم إشاعة يا إما يسنّوا سنة حسنة صراحة تلاقي كله قلّدهم وهلم جرّه .. لو عليَّا مثلا مش مشكلة .. بس المشكلة في أمي اللي بتصدق أي حاجة ماشية في الشارع .. طب أعمل معاها إيه طيب .. يا نهى ماتنزليش .. حاضر .. يا نهى متعمليش .. حاضر .. يا نهى بيقولوا السلفيين .. هيموتونا .. لأ يا ماما متصدّقيش .. طب والمسيحيين اللي قاعدين لنا عالواحدة .. يا ماما متخافيش مفيش حاجة .. يا بنتي أنا بخاف عليكي .. عارفة يا ماما ..  ويالهوي لما كانوا بيجيبوا المسلسل الزفت اللي اسمه مطلوب رجال .. يا خراشــــــــــــى .. بلاش أح

I Miss Him

I miss him .. I miss the little beep in my heart that spreads like fire within me whenever I hear him calling my name .. I miss how he looks at me without uttering a single word, waiting for me to tell what he feels instead .. I miss the tingles, the yawns, the breathe I take whenever he's around .. But, what I miss the most is how he caresses me by his soothing voice all day long .. My soul longs for eternity by his side .. My voice aches to beg him to stay every time .. My heart knows what my mind wants, but can't seem to surrender to what we're living in, what we're walking up to, and what we're waiting for, every single day ... Patience is our only allegiance .. God is our only allay .. Pleading for mercy is the only way ... To be granted a glimpse of heaven if only for a while ... .. N.O.H.A ..