I Miss Him

I miss him ..

I miss the little beep in my heart that spreads like fire within me whenever I hear him calling my name ..

I miss how he looks at me without uttering a single word, waiting for me to tell what he feels instead ..

I miss the tingles, the yawns, the breathe I take whenever he's around ..
But, what I miss the most is how he caresses me by his soothing voice all day long ..

My soul longs for eternity by his side ..
My voice aches to beg him to stay every time ..
My heart knows what my mind wants, but can't seem to surrender to what we're living in, what we're walking up to, and what we're waiting for, every single day ...

Patience is our only allegiance ..
God is our only allay ..
Pleading for mercy is the only way ...
To be granted a glimpse of heaven if only for a while ...

.. N.O.H.A ..


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