The Fog is Finally Lifting

Is the block finally coming to an end? I hope so .. I'm starting to feel some of the thoughts growing in my brain again .. They're like seeds sent from heaven .. Don't know where they come from ..

My only solution is to stay calm .. Whenever I start recalling the past events, I panic; my brain takes a hold on me, sometimes totally freezes! Could it be because of the incidents that happened in my life recently? I really don't know ..

Hopefully, this free writing practice will help me release the evil thoughts I have .. It may liberate me once again from my dark side .. Every writer has one, that's for sure ..

I usually advice myself to fight back, but for this block I totally went with the flow .. I know it's almost a year since I've written a decent article or post, however I managed to keep up as much as I could .. You see... for me it's always about the idea... The quality, not the quantity! I can't help but wait for the right moment of inspiration, and start to pour out what I have in mind .. I'm not the kind of writer who can write for just writing .. I have to feel it! Call me emotional, but that's the way I'm made of .. in almost everything!

I know this post may sound pointless, but it means something to Me :)
After all, I have always been into writing because I wanted to have a voice, not because I wanted to earn a living...

I sincerely ask for your prayers... I'm experiecing some tough times nowadays and I could use your kindness anytime of the day...

May ALLAH, the most gracious, the most merciful, grants us the right path and guides us to what he sees best! Amen!

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. You're not alone. As a fellow writer I can tell you that I haven't been able to write for almost a year now. Every time I put that pen down on the paper the "Past Events" come rushing in... maybe for me I get the block because I silence my feelings and those past events rather then just let the words flow.

    Don't silence your thoughts, whatever they are, whatever your past events were... write, write and write some more because writing is what will save you.

    Your post isn't pointless, it's the post that spoke to me the most.

    and May ALLAH, the most gracious, the most merciful, grants us the right path and guides us to what he sees best. Amen

  2. Your comment meant a lot to me, seriously. Thanks for sharing!

    I guess you're write. Silencing our thoughts is haunts us :)

    Thanks again for the enlightenment. I'll definitely take your advice into consideration!

  3. Noha ,you always write best.

    That award is for you too.

    Hope You have saw your name there .

  4. Izy honey .. I did see it and left a comment :)

    Thanks a million babe .. You're the sweetest!


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