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Despite the Darkness, I still can See!

Things can turn out to be easy after all .. Yeah, that's me who's talking :):) .. I know i tend to be gloomy and pessimistic most of the time, but there are times when i laugh my heart out .. Yes, i really do :):) .. Maybe that's why i don't do a lot around here .. I'm not used to being happy lolz .. Let me tell you something .. maybe my writings are not that "HOORAY" and maybe i didn't try to mention any comic situations that happen to me before .. maybe because i don't use this blog more often .. maybe if i started to take it seriously and use it as a real diary, I'll be able to mention couple of issues that come up to my mind other than the usual sadness I've been driving myself into .. However, that doesn't mean that I'll stop stating my true feelings whether they are cheering or not .. What i'm really trying to say is that i'm the kind of girl who tends to take things seriously more than her surroundings.. That's t