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.. Probably the longest post I've ever written ..

Feb 2009 is almost here and that means, ladies and gentlemen, that four years had passed since I graduated from the Faculty of Alsun, English department. The field that I have been always dreaming of attending. Yet, when I come to think about it, I realize now that it maybe was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done with my life. Though I love the studies A LOT, I can’t seem to get a decent job that fits with my competences due to this degree. I’ve never been the type of girl who loved being a college instructor, nor was I aiming to be an Office manager. I’ve always dreamt of being a Writer, a Teacher, a Coach, or an Advisor. All I loved doing through my entire life is; writing my diaries, delivering messages to those who seek knowledge, show people who evolve my life things they need and ask me to give advice for, or give those who seek my wisdom some steps to solve their problems. Those are the things I’ve been always good at. Those are the aspects that cry out loud and define me. So, m

...:: A Crazy Idea ::...

I came up with this idea... Most probably it’s not one of my glorious moments and I’m pretty sure it will cause me more hatred and neglection ( as if I’m not already living with them ), but I just have the urge to do it anyways .. You see, I don’t like being two-faced, although sometimes life forces you to smile in the faces of ppl whom you dislike... The funny thing is, there are actually bunch of them who are considered closer to you than anyone else... However, no one is perfect and you gotta deal with them anyways cuz a person is a package with all his/her treats or defects... ok, so the popping up question you’ll be asking me now; so if you really think so, why do you need to do what you’re about to do ??!! .. And here is my answer ladies and gentlemen; I’ve got a HUGE rage within me... and it’s not like any kind of rage I’ve ever experienced before... this time it’s a lot deeper and more complicated .. Some ppl say the more you get older, the more things become harder, and

When I was little ..

"Once when I was little, I could dream more then .. I could believe more then, that the world can only get better .. I could be free more then .. I could pretend more then, that this life could only show me good times .." A lovely new song by James Morrison .. Despite his young age, this guy writes very very very deep songs .. It's really weird when u find out that there isn't much to life the more u grow up .. specially when all you do is dream of the day that u'll be doing massive deeds .. what's even weirder is the fact that ppl are the ones who deprive u from ur energy .. i guess what i'm always trying to express is how frustrated i am feeling right now .. Just when i was becoming hopeful and all, life drugs me in the bones .. Yes! Frustration is a drug that feeds on ur senses and crawls bit by bit to ur veins leaving nothing but bitterness and lonliness .. It's a curse that not only u can read your future, but also u are beginning to live it .. An