When I was little ..

"Once when I was little, I could dream more then .. I could believe more then, that the world can only get better .. I could be free more then .. I could pretend more then, that this life could only show me good times .." A lovely new song by James Morrison .. Despite his young age, this guy writes very very very deep songs ..

It's really weird when u find out that there isn't much to life the more u grow up .. specially when all you do is dream of the day that u'll be doing massive deeds .. what's even weirder is the fact that ppl are the ones who deprive u from ur energy .. i guess what i'm always trying to express is how frustrated i am feeling right now ..

Just when i was becoming hopeful and all, life drugs me in the bones .. Yes! Frustration is a drug that feeds on ur senses and crawls bit by bit to ur veins leaving nothing but bitterness and lonliness .. It's a curse that not only u can read your future, but also u are beginning to live it .. And it's not a matter of age or physical apperance .. it's all about the heart .. it's the heart that feels, it's the heart that hears, it's the heart that speaks, it's the heart that sees, it's the heart that smells .. it's the heart that dies .. Yup, it's the heart that dies ..

what really aches it that you lose your passion .. you lose the strength your given in ur youth to keep on and on .. Look at me talking like an old woman :) .. the real fact is I AM an Old woman .. I feel like an old woman, i talk like an old woman, i even dress like one !! I always wonder why my mum treats like this and i guess i knew why just now .. we both think like old women lolz .. Funny, but true huh?! ..

.. N.O.H.A ..


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