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.. Mood Swings ..

It’s been a while since I felt my heart beeping... and I mean the real beeping... the “I love you, I love you, I love you” beeping... I won’t deny that I miss it... Yes, I really do... I miss the beeping and the swelling feeling that lifts u off ur feet... The chills that u feel when hearing a word uttering of ur lover’s mouth... You see, I tend to have some mood swings and feeling ro mantic is one of them .. Those love swings usually come crashing my heart every now and then, specially at nights... So, the only way I feed my hunger is by listening to couple of my favorite love songs and I picture myself in this cozy hut of my own doing nothing but enjoying the sweet voice of Frank Sinatra when he sings: “I’ve got a Crush .. My baby .. On you …..” I know reality differs a lot from what I often imagine, but I love the thought that I maybe, just maybe, live this moment one day... Although Hope doesn’t knock on my door at this stage and will not do anytime soon, but I just can’t help it..