Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Not a Little Girl Anymore!

Here's a Reality Check for you, I turned 29 years today.. Oh, yes.. I'm not a little girl anymore :)

I have a mind, body, and soul that can talk, walk, act, feel, cry, object, scream, and reject your insightful advice!

I don't need some shitty job to define who I am, I don't need you to tell me I've done nothing with my life, and I won't let ANYONE choose any life decisions on my behalf..

I already have a personality.. I already know what I love and what I hate.. I already have goals that your mind can't process!

I don't have to be you to succeed, I don't have to endure the nonsense I hear from you or anyone else about how my life is worthless and useless...

I'm done taking my orders from you, I'm done waiting for you to understand, I'm done giving you a chance to redeem yourself..

I'm standing up for myself, I'm taking the most important decision in my life, I'm fighting your typical norm of living..

I won't be you .. I won't be anywhere near you .. I won't even wait for your empathy anymore ..

I have a will and I'm gonna fight for it! I'm gonna do what I want, what I decide, and what I plan ..

I want to live my life as I dream for it to be.. I want to believe in what I do, I want to feel I'm good at what I do.. Give it a rest, I'm not like you.. So, quit lecturing me!

Either you offer your support, or simply SHUT the **** UP!

.. N.O.H.A ..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Enough Formality

I'm not an ordinary person & I never will be .. Yes, I get bored easily, deal with it .. But, disrespect?! This, I won't endure by any means!!!

What goes around comes around in case you didn't already know that .. And, yes I may lose a lot of ppl thru my life & I may not have lots of close friends .. However, I gain others each day. Believe it or not, whoever stays, a.k.a stands by me, is as genuine as hell!

This reminds me, I'm done writing formal essays & useless words .. Yeah, I'm bored as hell & you know you are too! Unless the piece grabs my attention, I'm placing it in the nearest trash! I'm writing what I want, when I want, how I want!!!


.. N.O.H.A ..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pain is Power!

Despite what other people may think, I believe that "Pain" is a crucial part of our lives..
It's our fuel.. It's what keeps us going and ignites our fire..

Unfortunately, people misuse it.. They tend to re-live it over and over again, when it's only meant to push you along the way..

I admit, I was trapped for many years in this type of looping phase; where I see all non-living things feeding on my brain.. I was standing still, couldn't manage to breathe or maybe think of a solution.. As if I'm trying to be dead, when I'm not :)

I used to wonder how people actually live beside all this torments and delusions.. Depression was the only road for me.. Didn't know the true meaning of positivity.. I would be positive for a few days in a month, and the rest are full of total misery..

But, something truly happened... I got got fed up!

I knew then I had the power to choose..
I knew that anger wasn't the solution to everything..
I knew that talking to someone actually helps..
I knew that there were people feeling the same as I am; breathing the same air that I'm inhaling..

Suddenly, I was not alone anymore.. I was set free.. I could do anything I wanted in the world..
I was convinced that I matter for real.. I felt "Pain" was always there for a reason.. I finally knew why I had had to put up with all what I'm facing.. You can flip it, toss it, turn it around, re-shape it.... you name it! Do ANYTHING you want with it :)

What a relief! Kindness genuinely works in our life... Whether you CHOOSE to believe it or not, CHANGE can actually happen...

Try it yourself.. Give a chance to Good to vanquish Evil.. Darkness do fade away..
"Set Fire To The Rain" as ADELE sings ;)

Have a good day everyone!

.. N.O.H.A ..

Reality Check: I Don't Care!

Holding on to your grudges.. What a splendid work of art!

The situation goes as follows.. Someone decides to argue with you, then you choose not to go for it.. The conclusion is that you're not brave enough to respond.. (Or, that's how their mind works).

Here's a wake up call for you :)

Maybe they decided to do that ("retreat" in their case, or this is how you picture it) 'cause they actually cared about your feelings.. Maybe they chose not to be drawn to a loop of useless, inefficient arguments.. Maybe, just maybe they didn't want to live by your delusional standards..

Oh, yes.. For the sake of goodness and friendship... They ARE actually good people :)

Believe it or not, you're not so perfect either.. You have to realize that it was your fault one way or the other.. Maybe you weren't so brave yourself when you decided to hold the grudge.. Maybe you weren't as strong as you think when you chose not to confront them (earlier)..

I may not make sense to you right now, nor to those reading this post.. But the fact that you choose a demeaning way to deal with a person explains a lot...

Here's another wake up call for you ... We're not God :)

We do not get the chance to lecture/control people... We do not choose how a person responds, acts, or feels towards another...

If you simply want to stop knowing a person, don't make a fuss about it... Making a scene isn't always the solution...

Also, if you want to REGAIN someone's trust, you have to give your all.. You have to fight to make things right... That's how they really acknowledge how genuine you are.. Whether you like it or not, people need pampering..

At the end, all this could happen on only one condition: that this person would ACTUALLY CARE :)
Unfortunately, they don't :)


.. N.O.H.A ..