Reality Check: I Don't Care!

Holding on to your grudges.. What a splendid work of art!

The situation goes as follows.. Someone decides to argue with you, then you choose not to go for it.. The conclusion is that you're not brave enough to respond.. (Or, that's how their mind works).

Here's a wake up call for you :)

Maybe they decided to do that ("retreat" in their case, or this is how you picture it) 'cause they actually cared about your feelings.. Maybe they chose not to be drawn to a loop of useless, inefficient arguments.. Maybe, just maybe they didn't want to live by your delusional standards..

Oh, yes.. For the sake of goodness and friendship... They ARE actually good people :)

Believe it or not, you're not so perfect either.. You have to realize that it was your fault one way or the other.. Maybe you weren't so brave yourself when you decided to hold the grudge.. Maybe you weren't as strong as you think when you chose not to confront them (earlier)..

I may not make sense to you right now, nor to those reading this post.. But the fact that you choose a demeaning way to deal with a person explains a lot...

Here's another wake up call for you ... We're not God :)

We do not get the chance to lecture/control people... We do not choose how a person responds, acts, or feels towards another...

If you simply want to stop knowing a person, don't make a fuss about it... Making a scene isn't always the solution...

Also, if you want to REGAIN someone's trust, you have to give your all.. You have to fight to make things right... That's how they really acknowledge how genuine you are.. Whether you like it or not, people need pampering..

At the end, all this could happen on only one condition: that this person would ACTUALLY CARE :)
Unfortunately, they don't :)


.. N.O.H.A ..


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