Pain is Power!

Despite what other people may think, I believe that "Pain" is a crucial part of our lives..
It's our fuel.. It's what keeps us going and ignites our fire..

Unfortunately, people misuse it.. They tend to re-live it over and over again, when it's only meant to push you along the way..

I admit, I was trapped for many years in this type of looping phase; where I see all non-living things feeding on my brain.. I was standing still, couldn't manage to breathe or maybe think of a solution.. As if I'm trying to be dead, when I'm not :)

I used to wonder how people actually live beside all this torments and delusions.. Depression was the only road for me.. Didn't know the true meaning of positivity.. I would be positive for a few days in a month, and the rest are full of total misery..

But, something truly happened... I got got fed up!

I knew then I had the power to choose..
I knew that anger wasn't the solution to everything..
I knew that talking to someone actually helps..
I knew that there were people feeling the same as I am; breathing the same air that I'm inhaling..

Suddenly, I was not alone anymore.. I was set free.. I could do anything I wanted in the world..
I was convinced that I matter for real.. I felt "Pain" was always there for a reason.. I finally knew why I had had to put up with all what I'm facing.. You can flip it, toss it, turn it around, re-shape it.... you name it! Do ANYTHING you want with it :)

What a relief! Kindness genuinely works in our life... Whether you CHOOSE to believe it or not, CHANGE can actually happen...

Try it yourself.. Give a chance to Good to vanquish Evil.. Darkness do fade away..
"Set Fire To The Rain" as ADELE sings ;)

Have a good day everyone!

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. Yes, Just like two-site of a coin.

  2. Oh, I love this. Thanks for sharing your perspective on your journey in dealing with pain. I am so thankful that you managed to break free.

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth! Best wishes for you as well :)


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