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Romantic & Proud !

I’ll start my post by stating out loud: “I’M ROMANTIC” .. I’m romantic and proud .. Actually being romantic is what made me alive all those years.. Being romantic got me closer to ALLAH (swt).. Being romantic made me in touch with my feelings all the time .. Being romantic made me know myself very well .. Being romantic made me feel things no one will easily have .. Yeah, it brought a lot of tears and agony along the process, but gave me lots of passion and gentleness as well… Funny how some guys think it’s a point of weakness, although it’s the fruit that we’re born with.. Why do people always think that in order to be healthy you gotta be so practical and materialistic ??!! I’m not also saying that you gotta be naive either .. I’ve just clarifying that a person can live with both his/her heart and mind… sometimes it’s a very hard combination to achieve, but in my opinion that’s true salvation and balance… I’ve always had this passion for nature… my favorite flower is Tu

Sensitive & Trying To Deal With It

Her mum told her a very strange phrase today.. Never thought she would ever tell her a phrase like that.. She knows it's been hard living with each other lately, but she just stroke her when she simply shouted at her while having a discussion, " You don't love anybody!" "How can she say something like that?! It really hurts," she said.. It's not that she believes her, but it's just the thought that her mum can think of her this way.. It's really strange.. "I don't love anyone 'cause I don't accept people treating me like s*** ?? .. Do I have to accept their ignorance just to win their love?!" She was really astonished by her words.. You may think she's exaggerating or something.. Maybe, but she's just stating what she feels.. Isn't it at least her right?! .. "Why is it always so hard to state what you think?! And when you don't, you receive the worst comments anyone can hear of," she thou

Fear Non-Stop ..

Assalam Alikom .. Everytime I try opening a new msg to post, i pause like a minute or so; thinking how shall i begin my words... How i can be interesting enough , so that ppl dun get bored from my thoughts... But then i just tell myself.. just write... sure u'll come up with something... and i do sub7an ALLAH :) .. kolo fadl men ellah sub7ano we ta3ala... Funny how a person can get so worried from those little things and a lot of other things as well... Maybe when u feel like u're being watched all the time or that u're being criticized thru ur entire life, u become so weak and fear becomes ur best friend... Noone can really understand wut i'm saying, unless he/she were in my shoes ... The problem is that ur surrounded by fear anywhere and anytime... Whether from ur parents, ur country or even ur own self !!! Fear really can consume a person to the bones... But the main problem is when ur already grown up enough and u still find urself feeling the same fear u had when u

My Mind vs. Theirs

What would you do if u found out that ppl regularly talk behind ur back? What would you do if u found out that ppl dun do the job that u assign them to do? What would you do if u found out that ppl neglect u and they'll always intend to do so? Who's right and Who's wrong?? ... YOU or THEM ?? We always tend to fully depend on how our brain works.. but don't u think our own mind can trick us sometimes??!! ... How many times we thought that we're the ones who know everything... How many times did we make sure that we're always right on something... How many times do we start a debate and then become unable to make a closure ?? Call me crazy, but i dun like empty talks like how's ur hair and how did u manage to do ur nails like so and so .... I'm not saying that life is gotta be all about seriousness either... I just wish to state that u can also be fun and NOT STUPID !!! Who said in order to be fun, u gotta talk about meaningless issues :D:D Ppl my a

..:: Palestinian Am I by E. Yaghi ::..

This is poem i found once , but unfortunatelly i really can't remember the name of the girl or any info about her except that she's palestinian... Hope u like it ... ..:: Palestinian Am I by E. Yaghi ::.. No one can take away from me my identity,for it is mine. Palestinian am I. I am the river that flows through my land. I am the mountain Noble and magnificent Rising up out of chaos and destruction. I greet the morning sun that shines down on my fertile valleys and parches my barren desert. I am the red poppy and yellow daffodil that grow upon my blood stained hills. I am the battle cry of freedom that echoes through my corridor sand every fiber of my being. Palestinian am I. I am the proud owner of Orange or chards and lemon blossoms and honeybees, wild and free. I am the Palestinian David child wielding a single stone Against the Israeli Goliath. I am not afraid,for truth is with me and God is on my side. If I die,a choir of angels will honor meand later, my parents will gras

A Poem | My Agony

Several years ago i thought to myself, why don't i try writing a poem... It didn''t really matter back then whether it is good or bad.. Just wanted to try something new.. Later i started writing couple of things and i liked the idea of me rythming everything together :D What i'm gonna post this time isn't my first peom though.. But i luv it anyways and wanna share it with u .. i'll be posting the other poems as well, so plz leave me a comment if u wanna ... It will really make my day :) ... Hope u like them @}--;---- ..:: MY AGONY ::.. Different faces … Constant lies Expressions flooding … Changeable eyes Things to find out each day But they only lead to the ties that grow within you when you rise …. They crawl into your senses and suddenly you begin to sacrifice … Thinking of your past beliefs You long for the days of innocence and compromise… But again you live your life to breathe the air That's filled of dishonesty and thoughtless minds… Wed 21/9/2005 5:

My Character Flower

Assalam Alikom again ... Guess I just made this blog and i can't get my hands to relax lolz... feeling i have so much to say ... but as usual i'll be saying bits and pieces.. anyways.......... Today i popped into a nice site full of GR8 pics and i mean REALLY REALLY GR8 !!! I found this particular pic. and i thought to myself; " That's exactly me, sub7an ALLAH !!" This is how i'm so sensitive and full of details and complications from the inside, and so harsh and itchy from the outside... or at least how i appear to be... I confess i can be hard dealing with sometimes and ppl tend not to get me... Some call me a snob, some call be complicated, some call me sheakha :) , some call me EFL (which means strict i guess) ....etc. But the truth is i'm so fragile and vulnerable to the extent that i always build this wall between ppl and me, in order not to get hurt .. But, at the end i become hurt anyways

My First Post

Assalam Alikom Everyone ... As u can see I'm new here.. never tried blogging b4 .. thought about it several times though, but never been convinced of it till this instant.. To tell u the truth I've been always afraid to even try, although I've been writing in my diary for years.. So, I guess ur asking urselves, then why am i doing it now... Well, I simply wanted to talk to someone.. anyone... Wanted to express wut I have in my mind, maybe it would help me someday.. Wanted to share wut I have to say, then maybe I could make a difference.. I've always loved to write.. It's a passion really... So, at first I'll be posting old stuff of mine to get started around here... I'll be posting mainly my thoughts & simple poems... This place will be a Mini-Diary for me... Hope it would be interesting to you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I will really do :) :) Best Wishes, .. N.O.H.A ..