My First Post

Assalam Alikom Everyone ...

As u can see I'm new here.. never tried blogging b4 .. thought about it several times though, but never been convinced of it till this instant..

To tell u the truth I've been always afraid to even try, although I've been writing in my diary for years.. So, I guess ur asking urselves, then why am i doing it now...

Well, I simply wanted to talk to someone.. anyone... Wanted to express wut I have in my mind, maybe it would help me someday.. Wanted to share wut I have to say, then maybe I could make a difference.. I've always loved to write.. It's a passion really...

So, at first I'll be posting old stuff of mine to get started around here... I'll be posting mainly my thoughts & simple poems... This place will be a Mini-Diary for me...

Hope it would be interesting to you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I will really do :) :)

Best Wishes,

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. Noha :
    Go ahead is a pleasure you decided to share it..God bless you .

  2. i am also new in blogging, but i feel it is an interesting way to meet people,

    nice to meet you

  3. Thx a lot Ahmed .. The pleasure is mine really :)

    Yeah i guess it is Hossam.. Thx a lot 4 ur comment :)


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