Romantic & Proud !

I’ll start my post by stating out loud: “I’M ROMANTIC” .. I’m romantic and proud .. Actually being romantic is what made me alive all those years..
Being romantic got me closer to ALLAH (swt).. Being romantic made me in touch with my feelings all the time .. Being romantic made me know myself very well .. Being romantic made me feel things no one will easily have .. Yeah, it brought a lot of tears and agony along the process, but gave me lots of passion and gentleness as well…

Funny how some guys think it’s a point of weakness, although it’s the fruit that we’re born with..

Why do people always think that in order to be healthy you gotta be so practical and materialistic ??!! I’m not also saying that you gotta be naive either .. I’ve just clarifying that a person can live with both his/her heart and mind… sometimes it’s a very hard combination to achieve, but in my opinion that’s true salvation and balance…

I’ve always had this passion for nature… my favorite flower is Tulip and my eternal fantasy is to spend my life on a beach.. the moonlight is the closest to my heart… love it when the moon lights up my whole room and I keep lying in my bed watching it moving away and away till a cloud comes and embraces it… you may call me dreamy, but I find this scene very relaxing…

Sometimes I feel that I wish for too much.. mostly, I feel I’ll never find what I’m looking for… and actually I’m terrified to end up with a man who’s not good enough.. it’s just that this man is the symbol of everything I’ve ever wanted and never had in my life… I always feel that he has to be like an idol or something… he shouldn’t do this, he shouldn’t do that, he shouldn’t treat me this way or even think of taking me for granted…
I’ve been taken for granted so many times I can’t even count, really lolz…
I just feel this man gotta be sent from above! :D
Don't worry, I wake up right away and I tell myself, he doesn’t exist :D .. guess I’m nothing near optimistic :D but I have gr8 faith in ALLAH (swt) and I keep praying that he'll send me a man who will be the one for me… just wish the stress lightens up a bit :$:$

Hold on to your loved ones ppl… you’ll never know how lucky you are for such a gift… it’s amazing to share your life with someone you deeply & truly love… just to be able to wake up in the morning and find yourself feeling safe like never before :)

See ya !

.. N.O.H.A ..


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