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Several years ago i thought to myself, why don't i try writing a poem... It didn''t really matter back then whether it is good or bad.. Just wanted to try something new..
Later i started writing couple of things and i liked the idea of me rythming everything together :D
What i'm gonna post this time isn't my first peom though.. But i luv it anyways and wanna share it with u .. i'll be posting the other poems as well, so plz leave me a comment if u wanna ... It will really make my day :) ... Hope u like them @}--;----

..:: MY AGONY ::..

Different faces … Constant lies
Expressions flooding … Changeable eyes
Things to find out each day
But they only lead to the ties that grow within you when you rise ….
They crawl into your senses and suddenly you begin to sacrifice …
Thinking of your past beliefs
You long for the days of innocence and compromise…
But again you live your life to breathe the air
That's filled of dishonesty and thoughtless minds…

Wed 21/9/2005
5:00 am

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. I just love this one ... it's wonderful... thx sisi

  2. ur most welcome sweetheart..
    thank YOU for reading :)


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