My Mind vs. Theirs

What would you do if u found out that ppl regularly talk behind ur back?

What would you do if u found out that ppl dun do the job that u assign them to do?

What would you do if u found out that ppl neglect u and they'll always intend to do so?

Who's right and Who's wrong?? ... YOU or THEM ??

We always tend to fully depend on how our brain works.. but don't u think our own mind can trick us sometimes??!! ... How many times we thought that we're the ones who know everything... How many times did we make sure that we're always right on something...

How many times do we start a debate and then become unable to make a closure ??

Call me crazy, but i dun like empty talks like how's ur hair and how did u manage to do ur nails like so and so .... I'm not saying that life is gotta be all about seriousness either...

I just wish to state that u can also be fun and NOT STUPID !!!

Who said in order to be fun, u gotta talk about meaningless issues :D:D

Ppl my age tend to have an attitude that everything is coooool and easy .. U dun have to worry about anything... Then SUDDENLY they become like a herd; breathing to ONLY work , eat and sleep and they complain at the same time that life is boring... They just leave their souls to rotten and they do nothing about it!!! .. There are specific ppl in my life that i really get irritated around them for those matters ... They just get on my nerves !!! .. They keep talking aimlessly about anything and think that they're the best who are ever been born on earth :D

Guess what I'm trying to say here is that i always have this war going on in my brains.. It's kinda state of endless conflicts.. Whoever knows me well must know that my mind never stops... And when it does i enter this state of mind where everything is numb around me .... bel3araby bab2a moghayaba kam yoom keda we b3dean bafoo2 lwa7di :D:D:D

It's quite a thrill for me if anyone asked me about something or asked about my opinion... I have this constant self-esteem seeking... Then when someone get convinced with wut I'm saying, it's the world to me :D .. And i know it's just an infinite desire of knowing I'm right ... U must think I'm crazy by now :) lolz

Anyways, we all dream of peace and i specially dream of my peace of mind... No1 can really feel it's worth except those who feel thoughts are running through the veins of their brains like hot iron... A friend who studies medicine diagnosed me that i have Chronic Insomnia cuz i tend to sleep a lot or not sleep at all, and it's so hard for me to fall asleep so quickly also...

But u know something.. I'd rather have a brain that's like a rollarcoaster then carry a huge empty hollow one... It's more fun and less boring ;) ;)


  1. so true ya noha...this is exactly how i feel deep inside and u brought it all out of me through these simple words..good work my friend

  2. Thx Fanellaaaazzzzz :):):):)
    begad thx 4 reading :)


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