Fear Non-Stop ..

Assalam Alikom ..

Everytime I try opening a new msg to post, i pause like a minute or so; thinking how shall i begin my words... How i can be interesting enough , so that ppl dun get bored from my thoughts... But then i just tell myself.. just write... sure u'll come up with something... and i do sub7an ALLAH :) .. kolo fadl men ellah sub7ano we ta3ala...

Funny how a person can get so worried from those little things and a lot of other things as well... Maybe when u feel like u're being watched all the time or that u're being criticized thru ur entire life, u become so weak and fear becomes ur best friend... Noone can really understand wut i'm saying, unless he/she were in my shoes ... The problem is that ur surrounded by fear anywhere and anytime... Whether from ur parents, ur country or even ur own self !!!

Fear really can consume a person to the bones... But the main problem is when ur already grown up enough and u still find urself feeling the same fear u had when ur like 5 years old ... So, whose fault is it ? .. I think first it's the fault of ur parents, but mainly it's urs.. Yes, it is urs my friend ... Ur parents didn't teach u to love them beside being afraid, BUT it ur own fault cuz u chose NOT to change... and dun tell me u can't ... NAH.... u sure can, but u dun intend u nor want to !!! ....

I know i may sound a lunatic, but that's how i see it ... We tend to leave fear crawl into our senses for sooooo long without rebelling or even trying to cope with our inner soul ... A person must have inner peace b4 he/she thinks that they can spread them to the rest of mankind.... That's how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was with others sub7an ALLAH ... Also, i heard a saying once but can't remember who said it ... It says that when u feel ALLAH's greatness (swt) and fear towards him in ur heart, only THEN the amount of fear inside ur heart start to reduce... To tell u the truth, i really tried it myself and guess wut .. it worked :)

Constant fear has always been one of my main problems i must confess.. that's why i feel that it's a gr8 problem among lots of ppl ... However, i guess i wanted to assure u that it can really be changed... and i really believe if u need something so much, u'll put ur heart and mind into achieving it... So, collect ur armor & guns and start the battle with Fear... Dun let it eat u alive cuz it can surely do .... for a long long time .....

.. N.O.H.A ..


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