Tuesday, December 15, 2009

.. Breaking Through ..

I know I've been assigned to write a problem and its solution per day .. But, I just couldn't .. It's been a very weird week for me .. For the first time in years, I simply find myself LOST! .. Couple of problems came in handy and the feeling of meaningless has announced its presence .. So, I decided that this should be my theme .. I should write about my lack of words .. I should simply declare and face the fact that i lack the ability to write for quite some time now .. I can never develop the will, nor the determination of coming up with an intriguing idea that gives me the chills every time I read it ..

But then, aren't I writing in that exact moment?! .. Aren't I trying to break free?! .. Aren't I a fighter or what?! .. Hell YEAH, I am!! .. Although it has been months since I held a pencil and wrote anything with my bare hands, but here I am again .. I still have it within me .. I can still breathe ladies and gentlemen .. Yeah, that's right .. I breathe through my words .. I taste the love that I lack else where .. I reach the ecstasy that every drug addict seeks from a silly pill ..

I may sound a bit "I Survive" kinda mood, but I don't mind it either .. I could definitely use some of this .. Some of -- and I can finally announce it -- H O P E ! .. And that's a word I could never utter for ages .. I couldn't even be persuaded of its existence!

Seems it wasn't that bad after all .. And you can't imagine how I long to just freak out and leave it all fall apart, but I don't want to .. I've tasted the urge to succeed .. I've known how it feels like to be on top of the world! .. I know nothing is guaranteed, but then again i'm not sure that I could stay like this forever ..

And all because .. I've started writing again!!

.. N.O.H.A ..