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Stuck in Both Worlds

I miss my pen! .. I miss the old-feel of it ..When everything felt so genuine and so pure .. When I didn't care much about someone/something .. When all I had, was some boy-troubles and a mis-understanding with a friend .. When slam books/scrap books existed to open your heart to the world and teach you that your friends aren't all cute as they seem to be .. When all you dreamt of, is to grab the attention of your crush, hoping he/she would just notice you and maybe smiles at you for a bit .. When songs were really good .. When every feeling was intense and out of this world .. I feel like I'm trapped in 2 worlds; the teenagers' phase & the adults' phase .. Never lived this, nor that .. I have this constant one-on-one conversation with myself of, "Why I can't live my life like any normal creature" .. In other words, "Why haven't I, still?" .. Every once in a while, I wake up to find myself completely the same .. I haven't ch

Project Yourself: Mariam Quessny

Image Proj ect Yourself The story of Cairo’s Open Mic Nights with Mariam Quessny It takes a lot to revive a soul, especially when all it blazes is negative energy and frustration. That’s why we’re honored to have a concierge, like “Project Yourself” in our country because it helps us make use of our signs of disapproval, changing them to live in a better life. It’s not only a cultural place that people love to showcase their talents in, but mainly it’s about having a voice, having a chance to influence others, and really enjoying your time in the process. Mariam Quessny has initiated the wave of Open Mics, in an attempt to be a part of every performers/artists’ lives. And even if you’re not an artist, you’re most welcome to share what you have to say, interact with new people, and attend a night to remember. We’re presenting to you a very intellectual interview with an artist, who truly believes in Underground and how it can genuinel

Shady Ahmed

A lot of you must know Shady Ahmed as an artist, that’s for sure. But, have you had a chance to really get to know him as a person? We guess not. Having a chit-chat with Shady was an absolute pleasure. It’s, indeed, very hard to find an artist as decent as he is. He’s not only passionate about his music, but also he manages to surprise you every time he performs. What’s really special about him is that he believes in what he does; he’s been everywhere in this country, experiencing all sorts of life-changing occurrences. That’s why, he simply sings from his heart. He has his own way of expressing feelings, growing up with a definite dream of being an international artist. We hope you enjoy this gracious interview, as much as we did. To check out his tracks, go to . MM: When did you realize you have a talent? Shady: I was always into music; I found it very interesting. Back at school, those were my times of discovery; I used to listen to all types of music. B


Rashad, who’s known as Rash Radio, is one of those guys you wish you can always stumble upon. He’s funny, he’s talented, he’s well-educated… he’s simply all what you fancy in a real artist. His music is genuinely coming from the heart, so as his performance. Winning the Nokia Music Festival Pop Solo award in 2008, has shown the world what he’s really made of. You’re definitely missing out a lot if you haven’t heard him sing before. Embrace yourselves with an ‘Irish Coffee’ and tune in to one of the finest artists Egypt has ever known. To check out his tracks, go to . MM: Who is Rash Radio… in & out? Rashad: I can only speak to what I do. As to "whom" that is something that every single person is trying to figure out. Whether through a method of self-expression or by simply asking questions; it's an ever changing, never ending journey. MM: When did you realize that you’ve got it? Rashad: I don't think I really felt like "I Got I

Street Art… Or Is It?

Street Art… Or Is It? According to, Graffiti “is any type of public markings that may appear in the forms of simple written words to elaborate wall paintings.” Meanwhile, for some Egyptians, it’s nothing but some useless scraps that are found under bridges or forgotten alleys. But for Graffiti artists, it’s a non-existing art that they struggle day-by-day to showcase. It’s their own way of expressing what they have to say to the world. We’ve interviewed one of those artists in an attempt to understand, whether street art really exists in Egypt or not. MM: Tell us about yourself. Mahmoud: I’m Mahmoud Aly, known as ‘Mahmoud Graffiti’ among my friends. I’m 17 years old, living in Alexandria. I have a habit of doing some Graffiti work in several places, like night clubs, billiard or play station centers… etc. Also, I do some drawings for Egyptian rappers. MM: What does your work symbolize? Mahmoud: My work usually represents our freedom of speech, as well as my point

Bla .. Bla .. Bla

I'm trying to figure out what to say at the moment. My mind is still blank, but I'm fighting the urge of staying silent. I woke up too early today in an attempt of fixing my biological hour. It seems I'm starting to feel old; my body seems to function more at mornings nowadays. I've been a nighter my entire life, but I can't seem to continue the ritual for long. So, what should I write about today? Hmm, how about nothing at all? I don't have to make sense the entire time, you know. Sometimes, I feel like letting go... just spilling out whatever nonsense that occurs to my mind. I need to, that's for sure, to be able to write again. I need the flow back. Anyways, I keep asking myself everyday... What's next? Did I achieve it all? and What's "It" that needs to be accomplished in the first place? It's true, then. Your needs/goals keep changing from time to time, and that's incredibly weird. I guess I have to constantly beat this inne

It’s Ramadan time, it’s Change time

It’s Ramadan time, it’s Change time It’s in times like these, your heart yearns for what’s real, what’s profound. It’s when you feel you’re born again; you’re given a chance to live a life of harmony, a life of peace and tranquility. Yet, along the past years, we started to have mixed feelings. The holy month of Ramadan started losing its true essence. Some people think its spirituality is not here anymore. However, others maintain to preserve their annual rituals by focusing on what is beneficial. Ramadan isn’t a festival of TV shows and Entertaining Tents, it’s about purifying your soul and seeking a better life. As the Almighty ALLAH says, "Ramadan is the month during which the Quran was revealed, providing guidance for the people, clear teachings, and the statute book. Those of you who witness this month shall fast therein. Those who are ill or traveling may substitute the same number of other days. Allah wishes for you convenience, not hardship, that you may fulfill

Is it really a Hoax?

Yesterday, I was watching some TV and I came across a weather forecast. It's pretty important nowadays to check it due to the constant changeable temperature that we're all facing, especially here in Egypt. Anyways, I noticed something very strange; some may call it a glimpse of a conspiracy theory and some will assure it's totally normal. Now, everywhere in the world, there are floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, explosive volcanoes... etc. Mostly, people living in Europe, Asia, and Africa are the ones whose suffering really bad. While the only continent that's totally fine is the US. Russia's forests are burning for the love of God! How can this be? Pakistan is really really drowning and no one is making any songs or raising any money like the Haiti disaster. But, how the hell the US is the same? I guess I'll start considering the thought that Global Warming proclamations could be a HOAX! I don't know about you guys, I feel something weird is going on!!


I'm trapped inside my mind .. I keep thinking random thoughts all the time, yet I can't seem to come up with a specific idea to write about .. Most probably, no writer would admit this .. But, believe it or not, it does happen .. Yes, our minds become so blank that we start feeling helpless and restless .. I have a dilemma .. I don't know whether I should start reading to get it back or just leave it till it comes back on it's own .. It's just that I really can't .. Will you believe me if I told you how much it suffocates me? Maybe, I need to change places, go somewhere, do something .. but, the fact is... I did all that .. Laziness has really grown into my senses .. I convinced myself that I'm just stressed and that it will pass ... I really thought it would eventually come on its own .. I know I shouldn't freak out and I know I should try harder .. But, I also know that I'll freakin' lose my mind if I didn't come up with an idea soon .