Monday, September 13, 2010

Bla .. Bla .. Bla

I'm trying to figure out what to say at the moment. My mind is still blank, but I'm fighting the urge of staying silent. I woke up too early today in an attempt of fixing my biological hour. It seems I'm starting to feel old; my body seems to function more at mornings nowadays. I've been a nighter my entire life, but I can't seem to continue the ritual for long. So, what should I write about today? Hmm, how about nothing at all? I don't have to make sense the entire time, you know. Sometimes, I feel like letting go... just spilling out whatever nonsense that occurs to my mind. I need to, that's for sure, to be able to write again. I need the flow back.

Anyways, I keep asking myself everyday... What's next? Did I achieve it all? and What's "It" that needs to be accomplished in the first place? It's true, then. Your needs/goals keep changing from time to time, and that's incredibly weird. I guess I have to constantly beat this inner battle that I have, every single day.

.. N.O.H.A ..

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  1. I 'interested' this :D, & others before too [for magazines].

    But this one cuz it's not your usual typical [long] complaints :)), SORRY.

    This is a style of article, which I love, that asks "How does it feel to be, different from me? ,, Are we the same?" for Avril Lavigne.

    Why? it's personal, yet because it's very general & human.
    That's why you needn't be long on it anyhow, which is a key [Yes, you weren't long].

    Even if I don't share this with you, which I do in fact, it's worth stumbling.

    This article proves I'm still human, which I need.... :D.