Friday, January 14, 2011


"People who curse others only blame themselves for losing what's most precious. They try so hard to convince themselves they're better than everyone. Sadly, they constantly forget; only those who genuinely have good hearts, don't actually believe they do, hoping they have done true deeds to be saved from darkness. Be careful whom you judge along your journey of life. ALLAH (swt) never sleeps, and indeed, grants J U S T I C E to all." ~ .. N.O.H.A ..


"When C H A N G E starts invading your life, your mind keeps fighting it, thinking you're living a better lifestyle. But, that's just your comfort zone speaking. How about you embrace it? C H A N G E revives your soul, takes you on a journey full of hope and second chances. I know it's scary, yet it's worth the risk." ~ .. N.O.H.A ..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hypocritically Egyptian

Is it just me or the world have suddenly taken interest in Egypt's political matters?! I just wonder, where were all these people before? When did being a rebel suddenly become so cool and fancy?

What's even more strange to me is why are they protesting in Shubra in the first place? What exactly do they want? And, why the hell nobody does anything when Ghaza was bombed last week?

Can't they realize that this was only a distraction to what's fatal? Are Egyptians becoming so blind and acting like middle kids that they can't see the greater picture? Why can't everyone admit that what happened in Alexandria was just a normal fight and the only difference that it was caught on tape?

It's very simple; a church in front of a small mosque at new year's eve, adding to it a note of declaration on facebook to announce that some terror attacks have been planned for quite a time now. And, please don't forget to mention our combination of ignorant feelings of guilt and low self-esteem along the way. If you're not going to shout out loud, "Long Live the Islamic crescent with the Christian Cross," then you won't deserve to be a real Egyptian and everyone will start calling you all sorts of names.

I'm not sorry to say this, but Egyptians have grown to live in so much hypocrisy that they feel lazy to use their brains for a second! You don't need to tell everyone that you're patriot to convince them, you don't need to change your facebook profile picture to declare your compassion for any other doctrine, and you don't have to act like you're soooooo angry of what happened the other day. Because if simply you give a damn about this country, you would have done a lot already. At least, you would have shown some dignity when every single land is presented in an auction and being sold to foreigners. You would have stopped the constant messages of hate and disrespect, which are being broadcasted daily on the news. You would have become better for yourself, you would have been more positive and effective, you would have stopped polluting our streets with your garbage, you would have done your job in a more respectful way, you would have reported trendy thieves.. Last but not least, you would have stopped acting like you're somebody else and started to take responsibility of your own actions.

Egyptians should start getting over themselves and lose the ignorance and useless anger. If they allow banning Islamic mosques from opening their doors for real good teachings, they should expect weirdos and psychos to bomb their own territories one day. If they allow churches to kill innocent women who convert to Islam, then they should expect to see slaughtering in Upper Egypt all the time. If they ban Jews from living in Egypt, then they should expect the wild fire of "Fetna" among them.

Again, I'm not sorry when I say this, but I refuse to be hooked up on such a silly, meaningless matter. I don't need to justify myself by saying "Ana Masry, Ana ded El Erhab." If I did so, then I would only be recognizing its existence; when all of this is just total crap and nothing but a big shitty play, written and directed by freakin' death eaters!

*Inspired by a post-Jan25, 2011 incident in Alexandria.

.. N.O.H.A ..