I'm Not a Little Girl Anymore!

Here's a Reality Check for you, I turned 29 years today.. Oh, yes.. I'm not a little girl anymore :)

I have a mind, body, and soul that can talk, walk, act, feel, cry, object, scream, and reject your insightful advice!

I don't need some shitty job to define who I am, I don't need you to tell me I've done nothing with my life, and I won't let ANYONE choose any life decisions on my behalf..

I already have a personality.. I already know what I love and what I hate.. I already have goals that your mind can't process!

I don't have to be you to succeed, I don't have to endure the nonsense I hear from you or anyone else about how my life is worthless and useless...

I'm done taking my orders from you, I'm done waiting for you to understand, I'm done giving you a chance to redeem yourself..

I'm standing up for myself, I'm taking the most important decision in my life, I'm fighting your typical norm of living..

I won't be you .. I won't be anywhere near you .. I won't even wait for your empathy anymore ..

I have a will and I'm gonna fight for it! I'm gonna do what I want, what I decide, and what I plan ..

I want to live my life as I dream for it to be.. I want to believe in what I do, I want to feel I'm good at what I do.. Give it a rest, I'm not like you.. So, quit lecturing me!

Either you offer your support, or simply SHUT the **** UP!

.. N.O.H.A ..


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