Je suis Amélie Poulain

Je suis Amélie Poulain

"The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain"

My name is Amélie. I am not a girl, not yet a woman. I live and breathe for love. I love gliding through the streets of Paris as quietly as a little mouse. With my wide eyes and tiny little grin, I am able to sense the sweetness of everything around me. As charming as I could ever be, I do not care much about anything other than the happiness of those who surround me. Ever since I was a child, I loved the details of everything. My eyes speak the truth and my heart beats for excitement. I have a sole purpose in life; I dream for someone to share my life with. I lead a very simple life, and by all means you’ll find me supportive. Most people find me bizarre, but I call it uniqueness. I enjoy questioning people’s state of minds and changing their lives to be better. I’m very inventive due to my isolated upbringing, but I developed a very active imagination. I’ve been falsely diagnosed with a heart disease when I was little. Since then, my parents have lessened my exposure to the real world. I’m independent now and I live entirely by myself. I don’t mind working as a waitress, in fact I dearly enjoy it. I had my share of tragedy; my mom died when I was around 8 years old and my father had to raise me since then. I struggle with my own sense of isolation, yet I manage to find harmony within the simple pleasures of existence.

I live in Paris, the city of love. Helping people is my drive; it is my goal. I discover love everywhere I go. I can’t stand seeing someone in a sad mood. I tend to feel proud of what I do. Allow me to present few examples. I have a neighbor, who cannot accept that her husband is dead, daily reminiscing their great love story. So, I decided to write her love letters, pretending I’m her deceased loving husband, whom she thinks is still coming back for her from the army. My closest friend is an old man called Mr. Dufayel, whom I enjoy having intriguing conversations with him all the time. I know he lives alone and only finds comfort in his paintings, so I managed to find him a kind young man to accompany him most of the day. In addition, I manage to regularly visit my father, whenever I can. Watching him all gloomy most of the time, I convinced him to take a tour around the world as he always dreamt, other than living a life of boredom and loneliness. I managed to persuade him by stealing his garden gnome and having an air-hostess friend send pictures of it from all over the world.

This is how I live. The world is different through my eyes. Everything is magically entertaining to me as I habitually retreat to my imagination. I have met an interesting person, whom I found collecting photos from a coin-operated photo booth in the train station. I fell in love with Nino Quincampoix from the moment I laid my eyes on him. I very much enjoyed inventing games for him to draw his attention towards me. I did not have the courage to meet him face to face, so I began tracing his footsteps every where he went. It was a match made in heaven, ever since he dropped his photo album in the street. The wide collection of people’s pictures showed how he loved details the same as I do. The more I knew things about him; I knew how he longs for someone to be by his side as well. I was never brave enough to tell him how I feel, until my neighbor and friend, Mr. Dufayel, gave me an insight that I should overcome my shyness and build our relationship once and for all. It was, indeed, the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I have never been happier than I am right now.

I pray for all girls to feel the same way I do. I hope they find the right persons, whom would win their hearts with dignity and respect. I wish for girls to know how precious they are. Despite being hurt, I believe they can love again. I believe in their right to earn a great companion. They should know what exactly they want in a person and seek it. They should work on themselves and throw away all the jealousy and sadness within their souls. In order to retrieve love into their lives, they have to truly be passionate about it. They have to believe it’s going to come to them sooner or later. They should know the one who deserves them is out there. No matter how late he is, no matter how far he went, no matter where he goes on with his life… he’s the one and he’s your sole mate. He will be your shelter from harm, your shining armour, the shoulder your will lean on… he’s your true sense of safety. At the end of the day, you are the one who completes him. Sometimes, you have to be the one who gives more in order to gain more. With your cunning wittiness, you can have more than you can ever dream of. With your kindness and purity, you can be a queen to your man’s heart. If only you try a little tenderness, your man can only aim for your satisfaction. If only you give him peace of mind, he will cherish you from this day forward. Believe it or not, men enjoy seeing you all warm and charming. They long for the kindness they never find in real life, they love the exact things women wish for. Look for the tiny details that made you both together; enjoy the things you have in common. Talk to each other… Yes, please do! Try building a long lasting bridge that only has two ends to both your hearts, so that you live happily ever after like me. Remind yourselves that passion still exists, and let it live long!



.. N.O.H.A ..
Beyond Magazine
April 2010 Issue


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