" جنينة الأسماك" is awesome ppl .. Check what I think !!

Once I saw the Ad of "جنينة الأسماك" , I made up my mind to watch it .. I felt like it's extremely close to me .. To all of us actually .. I knew that some people wouldn't understand the movie, but when I actually watched it and saw people's reaction, I became sure of the fact that most people won't get what the movie is really saying .. Are people really that dumb or I'm the psycho one ?? Lolz .. I guess I only have one answer to that .. Some people tend to neglect the fact that they have brains and they should use it and some refuse to use it in the first place .. But the most likely answer would be is that I understood the movie cuz I somehow have few analytical abilities and I also studied literature, so I'm familiar with some techniques of the movie ..

The movie is totally simple I swear .. The director simply used some classical techniques that people aren't familiar with .. Try to think of the poster for example!! .. He only used Black & White ! .. The only color that is different is the Red lipstick and that shows how the character is trying to be daring! .. He also used the narrations of the actors .. He hardly used any special effects .. He also used less colors and lightings ..
The main theme of the movie is that every one of us has secrets and we keep on trying to hide them through our entire lives as much as we can .. Every one of us has this own bubble that we keep convincing ourselves that it's what we are and what we really need or want .. Each character has its own daily routine .. They are all common in one aspect, which is: FEAR! .. They all have theirs own fears that haunt them everyday.. The actress Hend Sabry keeps putting daring makeup to appear something she's not cuz she's always afraid to show people that she needs to rebel her lifestyle .. The actor Amr Waked refuses to talk about his thoughts cuz he's afraid that people may think he's somehow crazy and he refuses to stay at his apartment cuz he's afraid to spend all his life on his own .. The actor Gamil Rateb is appearing to be so cruel and heartless cuz he's afraid to admit to his only son that he became extremely weak and that he fears dying .. The Sound Engineer, Basem Samra, who works with Hend Sabry in the movie is afraid to show how much he loves her because he knows that if he did, he will lose definitely lose her .. There are also several characters who express their own fears, but those are the main ones in the movie ..

What I admire best about the movie is that it has the narration technique and that it gave us time to think with our own minds and maybe explore the characters like we think they are .. But then, they speak with us, trying to explain why they decided to choose their roles and what the main fears of each and every one of them are .. This movie isn't the commercial kind of movies that you regularly watch .. It's more like few tales acted and narrated by the characters and at the same time, the director shows few main common fears like Birds flu and others like; showing any kind of affection nowadays .. Once you get its ideas, I think maybe you'll enjoy it .. It's definitely not the type of movie that entertains you, but it will make you wonder a lot afterwards .. Personally, I can't stop thinking about it since last night lolz .. I think I even dreamt of it, but I can't recall if I really did :) .. It's really deep ..

I just wish people would think out of the box for a change and try exploring new things that may help them to set their minds straight .. The movie is really true and down to earth .. It pictures the real pain and sufferings that we mostly have due to living in this big wide city .. If you feel like you're lost most of the time, you'll definitely understand what I mean .. And as I mentioned before, it doesn't harm to use our brains every once in a while .. I really wish that you enjoy the movie .. Give it a shot people :)

.. N.O.H.A ..


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