Knock Knock! Who's there ?! (a)

Once again the purchasing process has began .. The groom freak show announced its presence .. This time with a very funny approach .. a Geekly person :D:D

I've never seen a nerd before .. I've only watched them through movies ..

Don't get me wrong .. But there is really something geeky about the guy :D

I've also seen the movie E.T before, but didn't see it LIVE !! :D:D

I really wonder why is it REALLY that hard to find your life partner .. I'm pretty sure i'm not hating the guy .. and I'm totally sure that I don't ask for too much :) ..

The funny thing is .. I was totally funny about it lolz .. I really wanted to laugh out loud by his acts .. For a minute I felt like i'm having conversation with a live Alien :D

God forgive me, I'm really not trying to moke the guy or anything .. I'm just clarifying that there's no bridge that he can even CLIMB [ not only walk ] to reach me :)

I'm not either saying that i'm not a different person myslef .. I'm just stating that I may have things elhamdullah that make me down to earth .. But, this guy, simply doesn't :)

Sometimes I feel that it's a curse that you know yourself .. Cuz mainly, you are pretty sure what you like and dislike .. Even, there are times when you feel right away, if that guy is suitable for you or not .. Do you think that there is a guy that exists and has all the things I wish for ?? .. Even if there is one, will I ever be able to find such a blessing from ALLAH (swt) ?? .. Do I really deserve it ?? .. I know I do, but will it really come to me ??!! :)

I'm not saying that I dun think of my last experiences and tell myself how my choices have driven me to fatal places .. But then again, I'm not an easy girl .. When it comes to MEN !!

To tell you the truth, lately i've been having this kind of demanding urges .. I tell myself over and over and over again : " You gotta pick someone special! You shouldn't settle down with something that you don't need anymore! Enough of this nonsence!!!!!! "

Maybe I became mainly aggresive too, but somehow this way I manage to be safe .. I feel like I've built a wall of a dead heart that pushes any creature away .. I'm not into caring about people like i used too .. At the same time I didn't lose it though .. I just feel that I found my way through at last .. The key is not to care people !! .. Yeah it is !!

I'm not gonna make myself cute and decent for ones who dishonor me with their presence .. I'm not gonna laugh to anyone in the face and start joking around when I don't want to ..

Whenever I feel like bursting, I'll do .. Whenever I feel like crying, I'll do .. I'm done with being Miss Nice anymore ..

I guess i've always wanted to think practically and move forward, but I didn't know how .. This is how for now .. No Care No Pain ;) !!

How I really wish for something that lifts me up & away ... CHEERS!

.. N.O.H.A ..


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