A Conversation with My Birthday

Knock knock ..

Who's there? ..

It's your birthday ..

Oh, you ..

What's up? Don't you want me anymore? ..

No, of course I do. It's just that I need you to lay low for a while ..

And why so? ..

I'm just not ready for you yet ..

But, you're never in control of me you know. You can never tell me to pause ..

I perfectly know that, but I was hoping for some pity ..

That's so strange. Then why don't you want me around? ..

I never said I didn't want you around, I was just hoping that you could give me a chance ..

A chance for what? ..

A chance to live, a chance to love, a chance to succeed, a chance to feel, a chance to be someone ..

And who said you're not already living, loving, succeeding or feeling??!! You are already someone, you just gotta find it ..

And what about the Contradictions and the Confusions I constantly have? ..

They're never gonna end and you gotta deal with them. You see, you're the only one who can help yourself, you're the only one who gotta stand up for yourself, you're the only one who has to make plans, you're the one who has so much to offer, and you're the only one who has to find satisfaction ..

Damn you birthday, you always come up with those ideas, but they never happen, all you get me is a year that passes by without none of what you've mentioned ..

That's cause you keep imprisoning yourself and torturing yourself over and over and over again ..

So that's it?! Do I have to do all the work by myself?? ..

I'm afraid that's sad, but it's definitely the truth, that's your destiny and you should accept it once and for all. You're a winner, but you just don't see it yet, empower yourself and don't wait for something to happen. Life is for living, so work on it!

.. N.O.H.A ..

Magnificent Magazine
April 2010


  1. so true... i feel the same for my b'day i used to be so excited when its coming but now i wish it would lay low for a while too...

  2. i wanna stay young plzzzzzz ...

  3. that's why I don't like birthdays :D


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