I'm a Dude!

Oh, Yeah!

I walk like a dude, I talk like a dude, I act like a dude!
I curse like a dude, I yell like a dude, I even drive like a dude!

Suddenly, I wake up. I find myself in a girl's body.
I check myself out like a dude, I dress like a dude, and I'm off to work like a dude.

No make up is allowed, no tight clothes are allowed, no fancy colors are allowed.

At the end of the day, I dream like a dude, my hair falls out like a dude, I even smell like a dude.

Part of me longs for the dudette, prays for the dudette, wishes to dress like a dudette.
Part of me has a hunger for being a dudette, barely acts like a dudette, has chills when uttering words like a dudette.

Hardly anyone understands how much I need to stop being a dude, embrace being a dudette, and get to be treated like one.

I love being a dude, don't get me wrong. But, I've had enough with the dude attitude. Let's give it up for the dudette in me for a while. Help me be me. Bring back the dudette in me <3 .

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. I stand in the middle of the two wide worlds. I wish if i can -like- totally embrace the dudette side of me, soooooooon.

  2. yes i did like it, because i can relate :)

    i get those mixed signals from people. Some say i act like a tom boy, and some say i'm the modern kind of girl. Not too girly not too boyish. I'm stuck somewhere in between.

  3. Exactly!

    I also feel we are forced to be Dudes sometimes.

    Thx for reading hun xox

  4. and to whom do u feel attracted to ?
    dudes or as u say it "dudette ?

  5. lol .. What a mean, mean question you have here! :p


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